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What are the Countryside Residencia Payment Plans for 2023?


One of the reasons investors are eager to make an excellent residential investment in the neighborhood is the payment plan of Countryside Residencia. Moreover, SIM Builders and Zee Brothers, who are experts at creating remarkable housing projects by taking into account high-end structural quality and criteria for an international living standard, are the developers of this housing community. The most alluring element for potential residents will be the simple installment options that will be offered. The excellent location will be determined by another factor that draws most investors to this area in order to continue their lifestyle. Finally, all investors have access to the remaining information regarding the payment schedule for the Countryside Residencia in this blog.

One of the best home projects to provide all investors with amazing living standards and top-notch deliverables is Countryside Residencia Rawalpindi CSR. Moreover, the Countryside Residencia will be located on the Main GT Road close to Rawat. As a result, the site will be very accessible from important locations and landmarks. Furthermore, the price for the parcel of land in the neighborhood is very inexpensive.

Payment Plans of Residential Plots

To help its inhabitants and investors attain their ideal living standards at reasonable prices, Countryside Residencia offers a variety of residential properties. Also, the developers are providing their investors with affordably priced luxuries that will provide them with optimal and long-term living options. Finally, these are the informational resources available to assist potential investors in choosing the ideal Countryside Residencia Investment.

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 Residential Plots Payment Plan

Investors can get a better understanding of this category by reviewing the details of the 5 Marla plots here. The following are more detailed requirements:

Cost of a 5 Marla Plot

  • The price of a 5 Marla property is PKR 18,50,000.
  • The minimal down payment is PKR 4,50,000.
  • A provision of 36 monthly installments of PKR 38,889 will be made.
  • Finally, 12 Quarterly Instalments of PKR 1,16,666 would be made available to investors.

Cost of a 10 Marla Plot

The 10 Marla payment schedule is very affordable and provides the greatest lifestyle in a convenient setting. You may find the additional explanatory details here.

The cost of a ten marla plot is PKR 3,700,000; the down payment is PKR 555,000, with the remaining 36 monthly installments totaling PKR 77,084.

There are 12 quarterly installments for PKR 231,250.

Kanal Plot Cost

At Countryside Residencia, the price of a one-kanal plot will help provide investors with opulent investment prospects so they can make sure the developers make the best living for all investors. Finally, you can find the specifics here.

One kanal will cost PKR 7,400,000 in total, with PKR 740,000 serving as the down payment for a plot.

The 12 quarterly installments of a 1 kanal plot will be paid in 36 monthly installments totaling PKR 164,444 and PKR 493,333.

Cost of a 4 Marla Plot

Investments in the four plots are a sensible choice for the entire neighborhood. The detailed breakdown of the price range is provided below:

  • The range of prices for a 4 Marla land is PKR 3,990,000/-.
  • The down payment due is 800,000 Pakistani rupees.
  • The countryside rose villa’s monthly payments are PKR 46,945/-.
  • The CSR Rose Villas’ quarterly payments are PKR 140,384/-.
  • The due amount will be PKR 250,000/- per six months.


The payment schedule for the Countryside Residencia is quite affordable and offers an installment plan, which is beneficial for all potential buyers. In addition, the society

 will have the best features and amenities, perfect for achieving the optimum living standards. Also, the developers will soon turn it into a legitimate housing project, adding credibility to the investment opportunity. For both domestic and international customers, the best feature is the prime location. Although being in a prime location, the properties here are very reasonably priced.

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