Tips to choose the best gold bangles design

Gold bangles is a type of jewelry that is very popular in the Indian culture. The piece is a combination of gold, silver and copper that has been created by weaving metals together. In recent years, the gold bangles has evolved into different shapes such as a circular or rounded edge form. There are many types of bangles available that vary in design and materials used to create them. Gold bangles design are becoming more and more popular as jewelry, especially among women. To choose the best one you need to follow the following tips;

  1. Choose your shape

Gold bangles design come in many different shapes such as clear round bangles, long rectangular bangles, oval bangles. Depending on the style of jewelry you want to wear, choose a shape that is eligible. You can also choose bangles that have a mix of different shapes combined together.

  1. Match with your shoes

This bangles design you choose should match with the color of your dresses and shoes. You should be keen when choosing the gold bangles design that matches with the color of your dress. You can pick those gold bangles that are made from silver or copper since these metals are mostly available in different colors. You can find many online jewelry stores offering a variety of designs for you to choose from. Always check their reviews about their customers experiences with the services they offer before paying for anything.

  1. Make sure the color is right

It should be of a specific color to match with your dress and shoes. Gold bangles are available in different colors such as yellow, pink, white and rose gold. The price of gold bangles normally varies based on their color. Most people like gold bangles because they reflect light making them look elegant and shiny.…

  1. Purity of gold

You should ensure that the gold used to make it is not blended with any other metal. The amount of gold in each bangle should be 24K which is the normal purity of standard gold. You should avoid purchasing bangles that have less than 24K purity as they may easily break when worn. If possible, you can test the purity of the gold by using a kit and analyzing it yourself so as to avoid buying fake bangles.

  1. The size of your hands

To determine how big or small your hand is, you can use a string and measure both hands from top to bottom and choose the bangle that matches perfectly with your wrist when worn on your arm. You should not buy bangle that is too big as they will easily slip off when you are washing your hands.

  1. Dealing with jewelry stores

You need to be careful when dealing with jewelery stores to avoid scamming and buying fake gold bangles. All jewelry shops in India have the right to cancel any purchase a customer has made if proven that these bangles are fake or not of the original quality. You should read the terms and conditions so as to avoid complications in the future. You can also ask for a refund if you were scammed by any salesperson.

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