Guidelines for Showering with Jewelry

Can you put on diamond earrings or a ring in the shower?

Before taking a shower, take off diamond studs or other jewellery. Natural oils, certain soaps, and lotions may form a coating on diamonds after exposure, reducing their brightness and shine. The ideal practice is to take off your diamonds and keep them in a secure location before taking a shower to guarantee they stay as sparkling as the day you bought them.

Can sterling silver jewellery be worn while bathing?

Showering while wearing sterling silver jewellery shouldn’t damage the metal, although it’s possible that it may cause tarnishing. Your sterling silver will lose its shine if it is exposed to chlorinated, salty, or harsh chemicals in the water. Before taking a shower, we advise our clients to take off their sterling silver.

Does wearing gold allow you to shower?

While wearing white gold or yellow gold jewellery while in the shower won’t affect the metal itself, it might dull the brilliance, therefore it’s not advised. Showering while wearing gold-plated jewellery might ultimately result in the gold coating wearing off entirely, therefore you should avoid doing so.

Can platinum be worn in the shower?

In a situation similar to that of gold, you should avoid wearing platinum jewellery in the shower since it will lessen its brightness and sparkle. Although water won’t really destroy the platinum, it could have an impact on how it looks in the long run.

Should I wear my watch while showering?

Wearing your watch in the shower is typically not advised if it doesn’t have a screw-down crown or if it hasn’t been pressure tested since a recent servicing, even though many watches and Swiss timepieces are considered to be water-resistant. Before wearing a look with a screw-down crown in the shower or bathtub, make sure the crown is finger-tight against the case. If the watch is a chronograph, avoid pressing any of the buttons. Water won’t often harm the watch’s outside casing (unless it’s plated or constructed of stainless steel that isn’t surgical grade), but over time, soaps, shampoos, oils, and dirt residue might influence the minute details in the watch band, perhaps shortening its lifespan.

We don’t recommend wearing timepieces in the shower.

Are pearls permitted in the shower?

Natural items like pearls are exceedingly sensitive. Given this, any chemicals, oils, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and alkaline conditions may readily harm a pearl’s beautiful surface. As a rigorous rule, you should never take a shower while wearing pearl earrings, and you should always carefully clean them with a soft cloth after wearing them.

Overall, you should take off your jewellery and watches before taking a shower to preserve your life and brilliance. If you unintentionally get soap and oils on your jewellery in the shower, rapidly rinse it off with plain water, then gently but completely dry it with a soft towel. For your safety when showering, we suggest choosing a location that is easily located in or within your bathroom and away from any drains. Take care to gently remove your jewellery on a soft surface to reduce the chance of breaking. While travelling, take extra care with this procedure since it’s easy to overlook essential items while you’re busy and out of the ordinary.

To keep your jewellery and watches looking as bright as the day you received them, follow these simple instructions.

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