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The Benefits of an L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Desks come in a variety of shapes and configurations. You can choose from standing and adjustable desks, standard office desks, and desks specifically designed for gaming. If you’re looking for the right gaming desk, one of the things that you should consider is an L-shaped desk, such as the Eureka Ergonomics GAMING DESK: GTG-L60 60″ Spectrum RGB Reversible L Shape Glass Desk. L-shaped desks such as this offer you some excellent advantages over other setups, particularly for gaming purposes but also if you want to use your desk for other reasons, including work.

If you’re unsure whether an L-shaped gaming desk is right for you, this article will take you through some key reasons to invest in one.

Lots of Space

Lots of Space

One of the best advantages of choosing an L-shaped desk is the space it gives you. Having more space is a benefit to many gamers, especially when you have multiple screens or lots of equipment. You have more surface area for all of the things that you use, and you won’t feel cramped. You can choose to use the main desk for your most important equipment and the side table for any extras that you might need while you’re gaming.

The Eureka Ergonomics GAMING DESK: GTG-L60 60″ Spectrum RGB L-shaped desk is a reversible L-shaped design. This means that, like many other L-shaped desks, you can switch which side the side portion of the desk is on. You can easily fit it into different corners without taking up too much space. This particular desk measures 60″ wide by 40″ deep, offering you plenty of space. At 30″ high, there’s also plenty of space underneath for both your legs and any equipment that you want to keep under the desk.

Space for Accessories

Space for Accessories

Because there’s so much space, many L-shaped gaming desks have some great features designed for your accessories. The Eureka Ergonomics GAMING DESK GTG-L60 60″ has a dual hook for your headphones, as well as a rotatable cup holder to securely hold your drink out of the way of your precious equipment too. It has a powerstrip holder too, plus adhesive cable ties to help you keep your cables organized. Features like these make it easier to keep your desk clutter-free, thanks to all of the space you have and organizational extras.

Great for Multitasking

An L-shaped desk can allow you to create two separate workstations if you want to. You can split the two pieces of the desk and dedicate each part to a different activity. For example, if you’re a streamer, you could use one side of the desk for playing and streaming live, while you use the other side for editing videos.

If you’re looking for a desk that you can use for gaming but you also need to be able to work from home, an L-shaped desk can be a good pick for the job too. You can keep your gaming to one side of the desk, while you use the other side for work.

The Eureka Ergonomics GAMING DESK GTG-L60 60″ also offers another way it can transform from a gaming desk to the perfect L-shaped computer desk for your office. It features full surface spectrum RGB lighting, which will light up your desk with different effects while you’re playing. However, the glass desk also blacks out to a minimalist desktop when you turn the lights off. So you can use it as a professional office desk when you’re working, then turn the lights back on when you’re ready to game.

Save Space

Space for Accessories

An L-shape desk can help you to save space. Although they offer a large surface area, they don’t have to take up a lot of floor space. The L-shape means you can fit them neatly into any corner, which means you can fit them into spaces that might not fit other desks.

Some L-shaped desks are also a good option if you need space for two. You can set them up so one person can use one side and another person can use the other, which is ideal if you have two people who need to work from home or want to game at the same time.


Of course, the durability of a desk will depend on the individual desk. However, you can find that many L desk options will be very durable and last a long time. Firstly, they tend to be able to hold a lot of weight. Because they are intended to offer a larger surface area, they also typically have a higher weight limit. The Eureka Ergonomics GAMING DESK GTG-L60 60″, for example, has a capacity of 300lb. It’s also made with water and scratch-resistant tempered glass, which is ultra-strong. The frame is made from solid carbon steel, which strengthens it even further.

Good Value

An L shaped gaming desk can be a good choice if you’re looking to make a good investment. That’s not to say that all L-shaped desks are cheaper than standard desks, but they can offer you more value for their price for a number of reasons. Firstly, you get more space, so you could be saving money compared to a normal rectangular desk that costs the same or more but has less space. Secondly, if you choose a durable L-shaped desk, you can find that it lasts you a long time.

Prevent Muscle Strain

Prevent Muscle Strain

Enthusiastic games can find that repetitive movements and long hours in their gaming

chair lead to sore muscles. If you want to prevent strains and aches, an L-shaped gaming desk is a good option. It puts everything within reach, so you won’t have to lean too far to get anything you want. The ergonomic setup can help to make you more comfortable and it can even give your elbows more support, especially when you’re using a mouse.

L-shaped gaming desks are excellent for any gamers who want to be as comfortable as possible. Take a look at the Eureka Ergonomics GAMING DESK: GTG-L60 60″ Spectrum RGB Reversible L Shape Glass Desk to find one desk that can provide you with all of these benefits.

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