Steps To Protect Your Claim After A Motorcycle Accident

Several factors need to be taken care of after an accident. Such is the case with claims or settlements. Usually, the defendant may offer a payment before the court’s verdict. One can also apply for a claim from the insurance company to cover their expenses and damages. It is essential to protect the claim after an accident. 

The victim must contact an Atlanta negligent security lawyer for assistance during the protection of their claim. If the victim fails to ensure steps to protect their claim, they might risk their claim getting rejected. One can face severe and fatal injuries after a motorcycle accident. Hence, they must defend their declaration and receive coverage for the damages. 

  • Statements

The victim should not give any statements to the legal authorities that decide the claim’s fate. If the motorcycle accident victim, knowingly or unknowingly, provides comments to the police, defendant, or the insurance company, they might be risking the nature of the claim. 

These statements by the victim can be used against them to diminish their claim or reject it. Insurance companies usually compensate the victim for as little coverage as possible. They keep a close eye on what the victim says after the accident. In a nutshell, one should avoid giving any statements to the official or legal authorities. 

  • Social interaction

As we mentioned earlier, it would be in the victim’s best interest to avoid giving any statements to the legal officers to protect their claim. Similarly, the victim should avoid social interaction with other entities to protect their claim. Someone can use the victims’ unofficial statements against them to harm their case. Apart from the insurance company and police officers, the victim should avoid conversations about the accident. 

  • Legal representation

The victim can hire an attorney in Atlanta to protect their claim. Attorneys usually know the victim’s best interests. They can provide them with legal and procedural help while obtaining the claim. A lawyer can take care of drafting the claim with the insurance company and ensure that the victim does not engage in any conversation that is linked to the accident. 

Unbiased statements or testimonials by the victim could also potentially harm the case. If an attorney is hired, the victim can get medical help or enough time to recover from the accident. It can also be the victim of the hassle of taking follow-ups with the insurance companies. Attornies know how best about handling legal procedures. 


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