Soju: The Newest Alcohol Drink in Town

If you are a fan of Kdrama and have been hit by the so-called Korean wave, one thing is for sure, you have listened to a lot of Kpop music and have watched many Kdrama. With the popularity of Korean culture, we could pick up many trends in music, film, fashion, food, and even drinks. Some of these are kimchi, bibimbap, and the ever-famous samgyeopsal.

Speaking of Samgyeopsal, or the grilling of pork slices, which is a trendy cuisine in Korea, will not be completed without the presence of their favorite alcohol drink, Soju. This alcoholic drink is so famous that drinking is considered normal and can be found wherever you are, whether big, small, or even in stores beside the roads. It is considered the most popular alcoholic drink in the country. So popular that the drink has become a trend in other countries, including Singapore.

So what is Soju?

Soju is a distilled alcoholic spirit made from starchy crops. The literal meaning of the word translates to the term burnt liquor. Depending on what type of Soju, its alcohol level varies from 15 percent to 50 percent.

The creation of the drink can be traced back to the 13th century. This happened when Mongolian Traveler brought and introduced their brewing techniques to Korean. It was originally made with 40 percent to 50 percent alcohol as the main ingredients come from rice wine. But due to the shortage of rice in 1965, a law was passed forbidding the creation of Soju using rice; thus, brewers had found ways to substitute rice with a starchy product like potatoes and wheat. Although the ban was lifted, the use of the starchy product was become preferred, and up until now, it has become widely used.

Different Flavors of Soju.

Although Soju was created using distilled techniques on starchy products, one thing that makes it popular is the different flavors it accompanies. Soju has different flavors with different alcohol levels, making it popular to anyone as it caters to different drinkers, such as heavy or light drinkers. Regardless of your level of expertise in drinking and what occasion are you in, here are some of the famous Soju Flavors you can purchase here in Singapore:

Chuga Lychee Soju – a soju added with lychee flavor fruit and has an alcohol content of 12 percent.

China Apple Soju – a soju with 12 percent alcohol content was added with apple flavor for a sweetness spice flavor.

Chuga Watermelon Soju – perfect for summer drink, this 12 percent alcohol content soju added with watermelon will help you feel refreshed because of the blazing heat of summer.

Chuga Grape Soju – if you’re bored drinking plain old grape wine, this one is for you. Soju with grape will offer a sweet and floral scent. This can be mixed with other beers or cocktails.

Chumrum Soju – has a lower alcohol content as it is created with alkaline water, and calories are lowered. If you are a health enthusiast and not a heavy drinker, this soju added with water works best for you and can be purchased for S$11.20.

You can try this Soju flavor drink which can be purchased for around S$70, to experience the Korean feels you wish for. You can drink it while having a steak, a barbecue, a soup, or even a small snack. You can even taste Korean during summer as soju helps you feel refreshed because of the heat.

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