Software development. What is complicated about it and what should be considered?

Modern business is impossible to imagine without the use of software, which allows reducing time and financial costs, solving many problems, optimizing both the internal work of the company and the process of interaction with customers, reducing risks, increasing the competitiveness of companies.

Many software product development services have been creating software products for financial institutions and business processes automation for more than ten years. Due to our work, financial and industrial companies can successfully resist the actions of fraudsters, cope with time-consuming routine processes more quickly and easily, interact with clients more effectively and use analytical software and tools in their work to choose the right strategy.

The company uses in its products the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), including deep neural networks and other algorithms of deep machine learning (deep learning).

Custom software is an opportunity to get a software product that precisely meets the needs of the company, which can increase its competitiveness, provide the desired security, increase the efficiency of work and guarantee the subsequent growth and development.

Custom software development (software) services include the following:

  • Conducting a business analysis of the facility and automation processes used by the company. This step is necessary to formalize the processes and needs of a particular company and begin software development.
  • Formulation of the software development task. At this stage, the requirements are detailed and bound to the technology methodology of the upcoming development.
  • Design of interaction models and object models. This stage serves as the basis for coding in the software development process.
  • Database design. The basis for database design is an object model selected with consideration of the specifics of the database management system.
  • Design and design of future user interfaces. This stage assumes the design of the selected interfaces, taking into account what software development technologies are selected.
  • Testing of the developed software. This step implies the testing of the developed software by independent departments for the purpose of quality control and conformance to the technical and functional requirements.
  • Software development and technical support. The relevance and demand for the software is largely determined by the possibility of further development and improvement of the software product.

Software products development carried out by our specialists allows financial industry companies (banks, in particular)

Use both ready-made tools and modules and components for software development.

Use our experience and program interfaces for integration with banking systems and software products already used in the company.

Economical alternative

The numbers vary, but the average rate for company employees is $70 an hour and the average rate for an outsourced development team is $35 an hour. However, you can find an outsourcing provider. They aren’t all that cheap to work with, but they are sure to provide efficiencies that you can never achieve with your in-house team.

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