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Renew a Real Estate License in NY – Insights for Salespeople and Agents

The process to obtain a real estate license in New York involves several mandatory steps. One of them is to take a 77-hour course to equip yourself with the appropriate knowledge and skills. However, the education does not end here as one is required to renew a real estate license in NY, which also involves a couple of requirements to fulfill.

If you have been practicing as a salesperson or an agent in New York’s real estate industry and now need to renew your license, this article is for you.

Quick Facts to Know to Renew a Real Estate License in NY

Salespeople and agents must renew a real estate license in NY every two years. Failure to do this will lead to legal action, especially if you continue to practice without a valid license.

NY real estate license renewal should be done through your eAccessNY account. Now that you already have one, it is easy to use it again.

Agents who fail to renew a real estate license in NY within two years will have to apply afresh and take the real estate course and exam again.

Preparations for NYS Real Estate License Renewal

Just like when applying for a new real estate license, there are some requirements to fulfill. The good news is that there are just a few easy steps since you have already done most of the work when you earned your license initially. Here are the preparations before applying.

  • Complete the continuing education – The learning journey does not end with the 77-hour course you took when applying for a new license. Now, you need to take a 22.5-hour continuing education course before your real estate license renewal in NY. You should complete this through a reputable online school such as RealEstateU to make the journey easy and worthwhile.
  • Pay the renewal fee – The New York state real estate license renewal costs approximately $55, but this can change anytime. So, find the latest fee on the eAccessNY website to help prepare adequately. The good thing is that you will receive a reminder from the state approximately 90 days before the expiration of your license, allowing you to start the preparations.

Applying for the NYS Real Estate License Renewal

As mentioned, you can renew a real estate license in NY by logging in to your eAccessNY account to start the application process. The website is user-friendly and will show you the list of licenses you have. Now, you need to select your real estate license for renewal.

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Follow the steps to renew a real estate license in NY until you are prompted to confirm that you have completed the 22.5-hour study.

Thereafter, you will be directed to pay the renewal fee. You can pay via one of the listed modes of payment including your credit card. You will get a confirmation that the process was a success, and all you need now is to wait for the state to review and issue a valid license to practice for the next two years.

Concluding Thoughts on How to Renew a Real Estate License in NY

If you did not know how to renew a real estate license in NY, now you do. It is a faster and easier process than the initial application process. It is necessary to comply to ensure that you practice with a valid license. Take these tips to help you with your NYS real estate license renewal, and you will not regret it.

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