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An Informative Guide to Help You Find Your Ideal First Home to Buy

Once you have arranged a mortgage agreement in principle, received several competitive quotes, and are mentally prepared to begin the search for your new home, you will have an exciting and challenging task ahead of you. 

To help you get your ducks in an organized row, read on for an informative guide to help you find your ideal first home. 

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Spend Time Touring the Local Area 

Location is far more important than the individual details of a particular property, and if you fail to feel safe and secure in your local area, you are far less likely to enjoy your home life. 

This is why, prior to arranging an official viewing of any potential home, you should visit the area both in the day and the evening to ascertain noise pollution levels, the aesthetics of the local shops and parks, and whether or not it feels like a safe place to live.

New-build properties on brand new construction estates are, as you might expect, generally more likely to project a safer and cleaner ambiance, so this is certainly something to bear in mind. 

The benefits of choosing a new-build property for your first home truly know no bounds, and buildings such as the stunning duplex house Sunshine Coast are the ideal starting point to inform your aspirations. 

Check the Flooding Risk of Each Property

It may not surprise you to learn that there are certain areas, both in the city and countryside, that are considerably more prone to flooding than others. 

Now, this is not to say that you should immediately disregard any property within such an area, but it is certainly advisable to check with the official government website for advice on if and why there is a flooding risk in a particular area. This is also the type of detail that you can look into when scouting out the area – you can discuss with neighbours how often an area floods and look into any defences that might have been put into place. This will help you make an informed decision about the area and whether or not it could be an ideal place to buy your first home.

Conduct Meticulous House Viewings 

Once you have whittled down the potential properties to a working shortlist, it is then time to arrange house viewings. Even if you will be purchasing the property on your own, make sure you bring along a trusted confidant who may spot something you fail to. 

Be as meticulous and thorough as humanly possible when looking at the house, ensuring you check around the back and the exterior of the property to examine the security, the back gate, and the quality of the lawn.

Inside the building, take plenty of videos and photos, especially of any areas that you feel will need work prior to you placing an offer, find out the energy efficient ratings of each property, and always view each house more than once. 

Finally, do also make sure that you are aware of the boundaries of the property, especially if there is a conjoined front or back garden. 

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