Is it legal to read books on youtube

With the introduction of Kindles, podcasts, and audiobooks, reading has advanced significantly as a hobby. If a book is protected from copyright infringement, it cannot be read online. 

Reading books in the public domain may be possible, but doing so on YouTube may result in takedown requests from the publishers. If that occurs, you can lose your YouTube channel. Youtubestorm offers high-quality YouTube Views, Subscribers, and much more.

The reasons why you can only sometimes read books on YouTube are discussed in the following paragraphs. Additionally, you’ll discover the conditions under which using the platform to read books may be permitted. Let’s learn if it is legal to read books on youtube.

In Certain Situations, Reading Books on YouTube Is Acceptable

Some circumstances under which a book on YouTube might be permitted, even if most readings could result in a takedown notice. A few of these are:

  • When you read aloud a passage or a few quotes,
  • If you are reading aloud from a book that is in the public domain and copyright-free
  • When the author or publisher has expressly authorized your request for permission, you have received it.

You May Get in Trouble for Reading Books on YouTube

Authors and publishers put a lot of effort into publishing their books. For a successful book release, authors must do more than write and edit; they must also buy publication rights, print thousands of copies, and experiment with some laws. For example, if you want to read Why Transmission Will Fail In Any Gear-related book, you must find copyright-free books on Youtube.

Publishers today are required to offer an audiobook version in addition to the physical copy for customers who choose to absorb stories in this way. As a result, creating and publishing a book need a lot of effort.

Most of the time, authors are okay with their books being read aloud as long as they are appropriately credited.

While complete readings of books are uncommon, consumers can access YouTube and listen to the entire audiobook for free. 

The Book Protection Companies May Give Warnings to You

There are several circumstances where your channel may get takedown warnings from businesses representing publishers and authors. In contrast, notices from publishers are still doable (all you have to do is stop reading books by that particular publisher).

Because these businesses frequently stand behind numerous publishers and authors, these warnings might be more challenging. As a result, the takedown notice can apply to multiple books on your YouTube channel rather than a specific video.

It Is Wrong To Read Books Without Permission

Knowing the repercussions of reading books on YouTube, it’s essential to consider why YouTube has these rules in the first place.

You are exploiting someone else’s creative output when you create a book or podcast related to the text on YouTube to provide content for your channel. You may be able to defend your actions by claiming that you are spreading awareness of someone else’s book, but in reality, your video may be causing the author to make less money than they should.

In all honesty, the author of a book ought to receive the profits from it. Additionally, reading a book on YouTube deprives the author of a certain number of potential sales.

The least you can do before reading a book on YouTube is to get permission from the author or publisher and make sure you are keeping all copyright policies they have in place.


For individuals who like audiobooks, YouTube readings are helpful. It’s important to remember that copyright laws exist to safeguard writers and publishers. And figuring out when you’re breaking regulations can be difficult.

In light of this, you should only read on YouTube if you have obtained consent from the people involved.

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