How do you delete a Facebook account permanently

Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world. Nearly 2.8 billion users actively utilize Facebook each month. 

However, over the past few years, we have repeatedly learned how the company is secretly collecting, storing, and selling your data. Click here to purchase Social Media likes, followers, and views organically. The social networking platform is seeing an all-time high in privacy concerns.

Facebook has consistently been at the center of debates over privacy issues. If you’ve been extremely upset by all these problems, you should delete your Facebook account permanently. But how do you go about it? How to exactly delete your Facebook account is explained in this article. Let’s start.

How do you delete a Facebook account permanently

It’s essential to keep in mind that you won’t be able to restart your account after deleting it. In addition, everything you’ve added—including your profile, pictures, blog articles, and videos—will be permanently removed. 

Messenger and the Login feature for other apps will be unavailable to you. Therefore, if you’re very confident, you can erase your Facebook account by following these instructions:

  • Open the Facebook app and select Settings from the Settings & Privacy menu.
  • Go to Deactivation and deletion by clicking Your Facebook Information.
  • Click Continue to Account Deletion after selecting Permanently Delete Account.
  • You’ll be prompted for a justification before the account is deleted. Pick the explanation.
  • The company will list all the data that will be lost when you delete it on the following slide.
  • After entering your password, click Continue after clicking Delete Account.

The average time it takes for Facebook to delete your account from its servers is 90 days. The business still offers you 30 days to reactivate your account, though. Within 30 days, you can log back into your account to halt the deletion process.

What happens if I delete my Facebook account permanently

  • You cannot make your account active again.
  • Everything you’ve added, including your profile, posts, videos, and images, will be permanently removed. Anything you add won’t be able to be retrieved.
  • Facebook Messenger won’t be available to you any longer.
  • You won’t be able to login into other apps using your Facebook account, such as Spotify or Pinterest, using Facebook Login. You should connect with the apps and websites to retrieve those accounts.
  • Even after you deactivate your account, some information, such as messages you sent to friends, may still be accessible to them. Your friends’ inboxes keep copies of the communications you’ve sent them.
  • If you check in to Oculus using your Facebook account, canceling your Facebook account will also destroy your Oculus data. Your app purchases and accomplishments fall under this category. You will lose any existing store credits and be unable to return any apps.

Can I reverse the deletion of the account

You can reverse the deletion of your account if it has been less than 30 days since you first requested it. You will be able to access your information after 30 days since your account, and all your data will be permanently destroyed.


We recognize that some users may have safety concerns even if they don’t wish to remove or deactivate their Facebook accounts. You can take action better to control your security and privacy settings on Facebook. Make sure your Facebook password is lengthy and distinctive. To make the task simpler, utilize a reliable password manager.

Only post a little information on Facebook. It can be used for social engineering by threat actors. When accepting friend invitations, use caution. Only post to your trusted friends, not the whole public.

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