How to Improve Security in Your Business 

Maintaining online security in a business is not easy. You have constantly moving goalposts and you only have so much money in your budget. Therefore, every investment you make in a product or service needs to be the right one. 


CIEM, otherwise known as cloud infrastructure entitlement management, is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to maintaining business security. CIEM can be used to protect your business Cloud with little fuss. It can help you control and manage the personnel and devices that are in your business Cloud, and see who is accessing your data. This is not only useful for spotting insider threats, but it can also be used in areas where your security might be lacking, for instance if there has been a perpetrator in your network that has been there for months without you noticing. 

How does CIEM benefit the overall security of your business?

As mentioned above, it allows you to see who is in your Cloud. This is likely to make security more robust, as it can help you to understand how your employees are using the Cloud and always monitor who is in it, meaning that an intruder can be spotted easily. It can also be used to help with damage control as it can help you to manage the areas within your Cloud – to make sure that only those with permissions are entering certain areas, making it harder to get to classified data. 

How does CIEM help your business overall?

CIEM is not just limited to helping your business in terms of security. By working on a more secure network, your employees will have higher morale knowing that they are protected and secure, and their data isn’t likely to get into the wrong hands. You will also find that it can help you decrease stress, meaning that you have more trust in your systems. This, in turn, allows you to work more confidently with cloud computing, as it can be a great way to begin to work with digitization processes and have more remote workers in your company. 

#2 eDiscovery 

eDiscovery can be a key way to protect your business internally. CIEM is all about knowing who you have in your cloud space and making sure that people remain within their permissions. eDiscovery, on the other hand, can actively help you to identify and collect evidence on potentially malicious employees so you have proof when you take them to court for malicious behavior or gross negligence. This can be very useful if you are unsure if something is going wrong within your business, or if one of your employees is acting in an untrustworthy manner. It can also be a great way to keep on top of employees and to help calm your nerves. 

How does eDiscovery benefit the overall security of your business?

It can help you to protect against individuals in your company who are up to no good. It can also help you to protect yourself against spear phishing and whaling attempts from within. In addition to this, you can also help to protect your employees if there isn’t something going right and you need software to delve deep into your business and see what it can find. It will be instrumental in bringing the ones that have wronged you and your company, (as well as put your employees in immediate danger) to justice. 

How does eDiscovery help your business overall?

Much like CIEM, it can help you to gain confidence in those that you are working with. Having proof of their loyalty can do much to reduce stress, and it can also help you to understand what a threat can look like if you ever need to go looking for one. This can help your business to gain confidence and loyalty, as well as let your employees know that you are actively looking, so those that think they can get away with negligence or malicious behavior can be reminded that they will be caught. You will need to be careful that you don’t create unnecessary worry in innocent employees, however. 

#3 End user Education 

End-user training can be a key part of helping your business grow safely. You will find that there are a lot of ways that can help you to boost your business expansion, and end-user education can help you from missing out on those. It essentially teaches your employees about phishing, adware, and baiting, as well as Trojans and worms. This kind of thing is beneficial when used across the board, as you can trust your employees a little more and have more confidence in what you are doing yourself. Part of the training will ensure they are aware of the consequences of their mistakes and know what can easily happen if they don’t double-check or communicate properly with their peers. 

How can end-user education benefit the overall security of your business?

It can be a great way to make sure that you have a little extra protection against social engineering and phishing attacks and to help you to keep harmful viruses and malware out of your computers and networks. This is no bad thing, regardless of the size of your business, and it can be great for making sure that your company is well protected, as one virus and your whole business could crumble. This is likely to happen if not from paying for repairs and compensating those affected, then from the damage to your reputation. 

How can end-user education help your overall business?

It can help your employees outside of work and keep them safe too. Internet safety is really important nowadays, so this knowledge can save them a lot of stress. This in turn can boost morale and improve communication between employees, as well as help them to identify potential threats within your business. It also allows them to be able to navigate these issues if they do come up, as accidents do happen, and it can help them to be more open about what happened. 

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