How does YouTube Premium benefit the creators?

Every online platform works round the clock to provide a variety of advantages to its users. In 2018, Google launched YouTube Premium, making it available in 16 countries, alongside the United States. YouTube subscribers could choose between two options, YouTube and YouTube Premium. What does YouTube Premium bring?

YouTube Premium

The growing popularity of video viewing increased in the digital activities world. The growth in activities on the internet has led to service providers providing greater connectivity. Improved and reliable internet connectivity paved an opening for the creation of numerous video-sharing websites that can meet the requirements of their users. The growing competition forced the websites to provide superior services to their users. YouTube is the largest and most popular video-sharing platform. YouTube featured a wide range of free content under YouTube, and to enhance the experience of viewers, YouTube launched YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium offers a premium subscription provided by Google to genuine YouTube subscribers. The increasing number of YouTube views in the free version, which comes with advertisements, led to a new plan in which YouTube subscribers have access to an all-inclusive and ad-free service from YouTube Premium, which you get when you sign up.

Ad-free Video

Adverts can be irritating, particularly when placed within an interesting video. YouTube Premium is ad-free and break-free content on all devices.

Background Play

A screen lock does not mean you can’t enjoy the content. YouTube Premium lets you enjoy a YouTube Premium subscription, and you can listen to music, videos, and podcasts even if your screen is locked.

Offline Playback

The videos can also be downloaded so that they can be watched later. Offline videos are an asset for many YouTubers.

Premium Music

The subscription also grants you an ad-free experience on YouTube’s official music program, YouTube Music, and its catalog of various songs.


Additionally, it provides ad-free accessibility to YouTube original television and movie shows and exclusive access to the entire premium content.

The benefits of YouTube Premium are great. Many believe that it is a way to boost the number of channels. It is essential to understand whether signing up to Premium is beneficial or harmful. Do you think the premium package is suitable for you?

How is YouTube Premium beneficial?

The advantages of YouTube Premium offered to real YouTube subscribers are already described in the promotional offer. A monthly subscription provides background streaming of videos and music downloads and the ability to access YouTube Originals YouTube Music Premium, and all advertisements are free. Most users are savvy enough to install ad blockers on their PCs. They love ad-free content. But what happens to mobile phones? It’s not easy, but currently, it’s nearly impossible to keep away from advertisements while streaming videos through YouTube through a mobile application. The introduction of unskippable and double pre-roll ads makes it challenging to stay clear of ads.

The advantages of Premium are most appreciated for YouTube subscribers who depend on the platform to create video content. It’s hard to overstate the benefits for those who spend a substantial amount of time using YouTube. A Premium subscription is an ideal option for people who stream the content on their phones. Additionally, can you imagine watching continuous content on the large screen of your TV? You will be free of ads, but you won’t be interrupted by trailers or advertisements from YouTube Originals.

Music lovers will benefit by signing up for Premium. This subscription grants users the ability to access YouTube Music, including many songs. The ever-growing collection of songs included in YouTube Premium lets you discover any obscure song you might imagine. Even the most snobby music lovers will be delighted by the diversity of genres and artists on the playlist, and for these people, YouTube Premium would be worth the price of YouTube Music.

Are there any bad things to say?

The first ad-free subscription was made available by YouTube Music Key in the year 2015 YouTube Music Key. It eliminated ads from all video content across every device. The subscription allows you to stream music and music videos without ads. Google then changed the name of the service from YouTube Music Key to YouTube Red. The moment YouTube Red was first launched, the entire marketing efforts were focused on Originals. Premium is a better option for users. Similar to any other platform, there are a lot of issues that require improvement.

Although YouTube Premium allows access to all Original content, it’s not restricted to Premium users. Free YouTube account holders can view most of the Originals, but they are interrupted by content ads. In addition, on the pile of issues, the quality of content is declining. The platform is flush with celebrities’ content and snubs content created by YouTubers and is wasting the enormous capacity for YouTube creators. However, creators are being squished by the popularity of celebrity content. Several creators can beat celebrities. YouTube can help keep competitors in check by collaborating with other creators.

There are plenty of hidden talents that should be made known all over the globe. The recommendations provided through YouTube Originals are usually made by stars and established creators. These recommendations are designed to increase YouTube views but do not endorse creators who have the potential to create content that could bring more viewers to YouTube. YouTube Premium provides a wealth of benefits to subscribers, but what about creators?

Does YouTube Premium aid creators?

These Premium options are ideal for avid video viewers; However, creators will appreciate the subscription for another reason. While viewers will get an ad-free experience and access to the original content and a couple of additional features, creators get what they always had in mind. Did you know that YouTube creators can earn additional income through YouTube Premium?

How do you earn money as a creator? 

What’s more important to a creator than being recognized for their talents and effort? Through YouTube Premium, they can get the thing they’ve always wanted; ways to boost revenue on the channel. Revenue sharing is a benefit that isn’t mentioned enough. YouTube shares the earnings generated by Premium subscriptions with creators. This revenue sharing is calculated based on each view they get from actual YouTube subscribers. It includes demonetized videos as well!

Whichever portion of the revenue is shared, YouTube will share the earnings from YouTube Premium following “Watch Time. The creator’s earnings are dependent on the amount of time spent by subscribers watching their content. The longer the time spent watching and the greater the amount of income. In this case, one channel gets better watch time from Premium subscribers than the other channels can earn more money.

Similar to advertising-generated revenue, YouTube takes 45% of the creator’s Premium income. However, every video accessible for free is accessible via YouTube Premium. If a Premium YouTube user watches the video of a creator and it is a part of “Watch Time,” the creator gets a portion of the earnings generated through YouTube Premium.

You should not underestimate its potential with YouTube Premium. It’s a relatively new concept, and YouTube users and YouTubers are still adjusting to it. Although the increase in Watch Time may sound like something difficult to attain, YouTube audiences are on to new videos. YouTube might promote famous videos on Premium; however, the viewer is seeking more than just celebrities and unstoppable content. They want more!

YouTube is also beta-testing the new feature, allowing Premium subscribers to transfer money to the creators when they stream live. Presently, YouTube is adding Super Chat credits to its Premium account with which users can make donations to creators. The feature is expected to last for a long time, considering that creators may earn their money.

Summing up

Although YouTube Premium provides a variety of advantages, is it worth the price of the YouTube Subscription? This is the sole complaint that people have about YouTube. If the subscriber isn’t taking all the benefits and features, the money spent on the month’s membership is wasted. The ad-free experience is enjoyable. However, only a dedicated user can fully enjoy the cost.

YouTube Premium is a must for anyone looking for a good music streaming service that is in addition to the ad-free content. The ever-growing selection of music from various genres and artists is worth every cent. You can’t be disappointed with your subscription if you utilize YouTube often and do not have any other subscriptions or alternatives like Netflix and Hulu. If you are a dedicated user, you can gain tremendously from YouTube Premium.

Do you think YouTube Premium justifies the skills of its creators? This question is complicated to address. Although creators can gain through revenue sharing, the issue remains whether they’ll receive their recognition. YouTube is more inclined to popular videos that are frequently promoted because they will boost their views. However, changing times are altering the likes of viewers, too. YouTube subscribers show an interest in the latest content. The key is creativity in growing YouTube views, and creators take advantage of this. Suppose the latest feature that permits Premium subscribers to contribute profits to creators is released and is successful. In that case, it will significantly aid in the growth of the deservedly acclaimed creators on YouTube.

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