Having a healthier relationship with work

Work is an important part of adulthood. Love it or hate it, everyone has to do it. And due to a significant part of your time being spent at work, it also has a profound impact on your mental health as well.

Therefore, having a healthy relationship with work is imperative. However, it is easier said than done. Many people absolutely hate what they do, others are not stimulated by it.

Skewed work-life balance can also make things harder. Similarly, having an unhealthy work environment can also be a great source of stress. And so, not having a good relationship with your work can mean mental health challenges that require help of the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi.

Luckily, there are things that you can adopt to have a healthier relationship with work.

Having healthy relationship with work

Stop striving for perfection

Many times, the reason why people spend so much time at work that leaves them tired and washed out is because they are constantly striving for perfection. Alongside being a waste of time, perfection also breeds negative emotions.

Therefore, do give everything your best, but do not fall trap to perfectionism. There are variants that you cannot control and taking these in stride is more helpful rather than futilely trying to fight them.

Your health also matters

If you continuously work, and prioritize it over your well-being, chances are that your health is going to take a serious hit. So, do also give your mental and physical health time.

There is no need to forgo lunch for work. Similarly, set boundaries; when you are at home, you are going to relax rather than fretting about work.

When you are feeling down, take a day off. It there is something that is plaguing your mental health, deal with it by either going to the management or working with a mental health professional.

World will not collapse without you

Many people constantly stay glued to their devices because they think that if they do not respond right away, some calamity is going to strike.

It then means people are working all the time, which naturally leads to burnout. Therefore, turn off your devices when you get home. Work can wait till next morning; things will not collapse without you. Of course, there can be exceptions, but if that is a constant to your life, then you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Staycation is good

It is harder to find time, money, and motivation to travel when you are otherwise so tired. But you should not let your vacation days go to waste either. Try staycation, which means that you relax at home, unplug yourself from the world, and just relax.

Quality time with loved ones is vital

You might not realize it, but the time that you spend with your friends and family is vital for your well-being. Your loved ones can offer you support like no other. Unwinding with them allows you to let the stresses out, release the tension in your muscles and simply enjoy.

Therefore, do invest in making plans with your friends and family. Do prioritize these moments, and rather than working overtime, invest your time having healthy social interactions.

Shift your perspective about work

The values that you associate with your work need to be assessed. Your work does not have to be the purpose of your life. Likewise, your work also does not have to be the source of joy and happiness in your life. Work is simply, work; something that you should do, and find contentment doing.

There is no need to associate so many values with your work, as that also then puts so much pressure on you to find work that ticks all such boxes. And naturally, such a perfect environment is not possible. It then leads to stress, anxiety and even depression that requires treatment from the best Psychiatrist in Rawalpindi. Therefore, treat work as simply work, and not a source of identity, and fulfillment.

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