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Child and Family Safety Devices: Types, Pros, and Cons. How Inactivity Monitoring is Game-changer in Safety Purposes

The need to be sure of your family member’s safety is completely normal and the modern market of technology offers a lot of safety devices. Today we will talk about the best family safety apps, and home safety systems and how they can help both children and older adults.

Adult Safety Versus Child Safety Monitoring: What to Consider?

The dangers that concern adults and children are mostly different.

Adult Safety

Adult safety means that the devices have to:

●     Prevent the Risks of Cognitive Decline Illnesses

Dementia and Alzheimer’s often cause memory loss that leads to accidents. Being able to call for help immediately is a good way to quickly react to injuries.

●     Ensure Personal Safety in Different Situations

Being an adult inclines many risks while traveling, walking in dangerous city districts, or even being at home.

●     Minimize the Consequences of Invisible Disabilities

The rhythm of life and genetics often lead to many disabilities which are invisible to people around.

Child Protection Devices

While child protection devices have to:

●     Prevent Stalkers and Assaults Outside

Children and teenagers are often victims of violence, stalking, and bullying. Having an emergency button calls for help from an older adult.

●     Help in an Accident

Kids are often in the streets with their friends where any potential dangers may happen from a car crash to an injury.

●     Track Physical Location

The younger generation can often face emergencies far away from home or any possible assistance. GPS tracking helps to find their location.

Family Safety Protection: What Systems Can Protect the Family. Their Pros and Cons

Both of the discussed monitoring types result in a need for 2 features in a safety device. The first is tracking of GPS location, the second is an emergency call system. There are 2 approaches to usіng both of these.

Home Security Systems

The first is installable security systems for at-home safety. This is a group of physical electronic components that work with a home protection function.


Their advantages include:

  • Remote surveillance to detect potential threats outside
  • No monthly fees and no need to worry about choosing subscriptions
  • Good protection level with security service and many sensors involved
  • Ensures both safety of inhabitants and valuables. These systems are targeted toward houses, so they protect from robberies as well


As for the cons they are:

  • It is easy to forget a security code
  • The setup is difficult to do on your own
  • The price is high
  • It only helps at home and the territories near the house

Mobile apps for outside safety monitoring

The second is mobile safety applications installed on Android and iOS phones:


Their pros are:

  • Low monthly price
  • Quick installation
  • Safety monitoring at any location and any time of the day


As for the cons:

  • Monthly fees can be annoying to some users
  • The need to constantly interact with a smartphone.
  • Privacy Issues if the user’s location is always under surveillance

Why is Inactivity Crucial for Family Safety at Home?

It is easy to imagine a situation where a person needs help but can’t tell anybody about it. Inactivity monitoring lets you send an SOS alarm automatically. It is crucial because:

  1. It doesn’t require direct user input. The alert can be shared automatically.
  2. Home becomes a safer environment
  3. It minimizes the impact of the dangers that illnesses cause.
  4. This feature is present both in smartphone apps and home security systems

AllsWell alert as an Inactivity Monitoring App for Family Safety

When it comes to an ultimate way to protect the safety of children and elderly relatives we recommend using a smartphone app with an inactivity monitoring feature. AllsWell Alert combines the mobility of a smartphone safety application and the security level of a home system. It uses an inactivity monitoring timer to track the user’s activity; the prolonged absence starts a countdown.

Start a free 30-day trial to see the benefits of an inactivity monitoring app for yourself.

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