Cunyfirst: Learn All About Cuny First Portal 2022

The City University of New York students have access to a student information, registration, and administration system called CUNYfirst (CUNY).

It is an acronym for “City University of New York’s Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool,” which is what the full name of the tool actually is.

The university student portal is a web-based system that is used by all students from Hunter, Queens College, Baruch, BMCC, Lehman College, John Jay College, CUNY City Tech, and LaGuardia Community College. This system allows students to register for classes, pay bills, manage personal information, file for graduation, and do a variety of other things.

You will need to claim your accounts in order to use the CUNY login site for the first time. This will provide you access to CUNY’s first self-service system, which will let you do things like register for classes, check your grades, audit your degree, and see your transcripts.

The procedure for logging into CunyFirst

In order to access the CUNY first portal,

Visit the main page at

Please enter your username for Conny.

After that, type in your password.

To enter your portal, click the “Log In” button on the top right.

Remember to log out of your account before you go!

Your CUNY ID number, also known as your EMPLID, serves as your login for CUNYfirst. Your dashboard will show it at the very top of the screen. Your CUNYfirst username will often be in the format of “”

By going to the page on the website labelled “Look Up,” you will be able to look up both your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) and your Live Student Email Username.

On the CUNYfirst portal, you will find the option to change your default email address. To accomplish this, select My Info from the menu on the left side of the screen. Click “change” next to “Personal Email,” make your changes, and then save your changes. Simply select “Change in CUNYfirst” when you need to make changes to your phone number or mailing address.

Check out this instruction on how to log in to the Cuny Blackboard. login page

CUNY First Student Portal Login Page

For security reasons, only enter your CUNY Login password on websites accessible via CUNY Login ( and

Getting started with claiming your CUNYfirst account

The actions that are listed below can be followed by applicants or new users to claim their accounts:

Proceed to the CUNYfirst Portal Login page by navigating to it.

On the screen where you log in, select the “New User” option.

On the page for Activating Your Account, input the following information:

Your first and last names, exactly as they appear on the application you just submitted.

Date of Birth (also known as “D.O.B.”) in the format mm/dd/yyyy (for example, January 2, 1999)

The final four digits of your Social Security Number should be entered in the area labelled “SS#.”

Follow the text prompts that appear when you click the box that says “I’m not a robot,” and then click the box.

Please either confirm your current email address or enter a new one.

You will get an email with a one-of-a-kind confirmation link to activate your account (valid for two hours).

Use this button to verify that your email address is correct and to set your password.

Set your password retrieval questions.

The procedures necessary to obtain your CUNY first account are demonstrated in the video that may be seen below:

An instructional video on how to claim your Cunyfirst account.

Changing your login on the CUNYfirst portal and how to do it.

For every change to one’s name, CUNY expects legal paperwork to be provided. You will need to submit not one but two different types of relevant paperwork.

Documentation must include at least one of the following: a marriage certificate, a passport, a birth certificate, a social security card, a judgement of divorce, or an order from a court.

A photo ID is required as the second type of paperwork.

To alter your preferred name in CUNY’s records, please do the following:

Proceed to the CUNY login student centre by using the appropriate link.

To access your account, please log in.

Proceed onward to the Student Center.

Scroll down until you reach the Personal Information section, and then click the “Names” link on the left side of the page.

You should be able to add a name to that page, and you should also be able to specify that the name you added is your preferred name.

The steps to take in order to change your CUNY first password

Have you lost your login information? The procedure of resetting your Cunyfirst password is an easy one.

Proceed to the CUNYFirst portal login page by using your preferred web browser.

Simply locate the link that says “Forgot Password” underneath the forms to log in.

Then click the “Continue” button after entering either your CUNY First username OR your EMPLID.

After you have answered both of the security questions, click the “Continue” button. These responses do not care about capitalization.

After you have entered a new password in each of the boxes, click the “Continue” button.

After you have entered a new password in each of the boxes, click the “Continue” button. The following are the requirements for the password:

must have at least one letter in both capital and lowercase forms. must be between 8 and 13 characters long.

Must include at least one numerical value.

It can’t be one of the four most recent passwords you’ve created.

After you have successfully reset your password, the confirmation page will show your CUNY First username along with your EMPLID. You will also get a confirmation email sent to the email address you used to maintain your account.

Questions that are asked repeatedly

Why is it that I am unable to get into my CUNYfirst account?

1. If you are unable to connect to your account, check to see if the caps lock key is activated.

2. Reopen the browser and ensure that you are entering the URL when prompted to log in.

3. Delete your browser’s cookies and cache.

Where can I find the instructions for checking my grades on the CUNYfirst student centre?

Sign into the CUNY first portal and navigate to the HR/Campus Solutions section to view your CUNY transcript or check your grades. After selecting Self Service, navigate to the Student Center option. Select “Transcript: View Unofficial” from the “Other Academic” menu box located in the Academics section, and then click the “Go” link after you are finished.

What are the steps I need to take to upload documents to the CUNYfirst portal?

You must first authenticate into your Cuny account before you can upload documents.After that, navigate to Campus Solutions > Self Service > Document Upload from the menu. Your name and a CUNYfirst ID of eight digits will appear at the top of the Document Upload page. A drop-down option labelled “Document Type” has been introduced on the page for uploading documents. It is recommended that you use a computer rather than a mobile device in order to upload papers through CUNY first.

When applying to CUNY for the first time, how do you accept financial aid?

After logging in to the CUNY site, navigate to the HR/Campus Solutions section of the menu on the left. Go to the Self-Service tab, then click on the Student Center option. To accept or decline awards, follow the link provided in the Finances section.

How can I make a payment for the CUNY initial commitment deposit?

Please sign in to your account before submitting your deposit. Find your way to the “Student Center” under your account. Simply follow the link provided in order to pay your deposit with a credit or debit card.

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