Cheapest International Courier Services in India

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. The country is home to 1.3 billion people, making it the second-most populous country globally. With such a large population, it is not surprising that India is also home to a large number of businesses and industries. The courier services industry is one such industry that is thriving in India. Our one of the most cheapest courier services is st courier tracking.

The courier services industry in India can be divided into domestic and international courier services. Domestic courier services cater to the needs of Indian businesses and customers. International courier services are those that cater to the needs of companies and customers from other countries.

The domestic courier services market in India is estimated to be worth Rs. 9,480 crore (US$ 1.4 billion). The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.3% over the next five years. Some of the leading players in the domestic courier services market in India are:


When you ship your products, it is essential to find a reputable international courier that will get them where they need or want in no time at all. Aramex provides quick shipping solutions for both new businesses starting the country and established eCommerce companies with an international presence – covering over 240 countries worldwide. Not only do they have express services available under their export Express program (which promises fast delivery), but there are also two other options: Priority, whose mission statement says “to provide reliable customer service,” while Value expresses so customers can save money on cost-effective rates

St Courier 

The house of ST Cargo services, Couriers, is proud to announce their cheapest venture in the market. They have set up an exclusive shipping service for all types and shipments with same-day delivery throughout India. With low prices that any other company can’t beat on time or cost-effective solutions, you can get all the facts and figures for st courier . You are guaranteed not to make your money go a miss when using this professional team-led effort to get what needs to be done right away.

The launch comes after many years of developing more robust partnerships between business partners who share much more than just raw materials. Togetherness reigns supreme here, so expect nothing less than excellence from us – whether it’s moving packages across town (or country.) via bicycle taxis.

DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd.

The leading name in international order fulfillment, DHL has over 53 years of experience providing global logistics and advanced shipping tools and tracking systems. They offer a weekly billing system that gives you the reliability needed while maintaining their low cost.

I highly recommend using this company for all your courier needs – they’re definitely my pick when it comes to choosing an efficient yet affordable partner who can deliver anywhere on earth within 24 hours or fewer times three days from the initial request date (depending).

FedEx Express India Pvt. Ltd.

FedEx has become one of the most recognized brands for international shipping. They offer various services that will suit your needs, including FedEx International First Class which provides delivery within 3-5 business days. Next Day Air Mail Service with guaranteed next morning arrival at an airport if ordered before 2 pm local time. Economy hires are designed to get packages wherever they need to go fast without spending too much money on overweight fees or customs clearance times.

TNT Express Worldwide India Pvt. Ltd.

The name says it all, TNT India offers world-renowned express shipping services. These include customs clearance and pick up from your doorstep, among a few other perks. They also provide personalized rates for frequent shippers, so you don’t have to worry about any complicated regulations when sending packages across borders. They’ve got everything covered under one roof – even delivery destinations such as America or Australia (to name just two).

If anyone’s wondering what kind of rate I’m talking about here, it means that instead of paying higher package fees each time an international shipment comes into our country. We will be charged only $5-$10 per container load, depending on where these shipments will go after entering.


Ship Rocket is India’s leading courier aggregator and offers international shipping from India to over 220+ countries across the world. The best about its system stands out in this industry with a tie-up between couriers like FedEx or Aramex. It gives you an opportunity for pre-negotiated rates and heavy discounts on your package delivery expenses; along these lines, we also get many top-notch services available at low prices. You can estimate costs beforehand using our simple calculator here.

Final Verdict

You might be driven to spend extra on delivery services if you don’t set a proper budget. Your profit margins will decrease and maybe even lead your business into bankruptcy. But it doesn’t need to happen- all that needs doing is planning for how much money has been allocated towards international shipping in order to get an accurate depiction of what’s required when scaling up or down accordingly so as not to overburden oneself with unnecessary expenses while trying to meet targets by staying within prescribed inadequacies.

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