The difference between charter schools & public schools is that charter schools are schools that receive funds from the government but are privately run. On the other hand, public schools are also funded by the government and provide free education. Both charter and public schools have advantages and disadvantages. We will go through many of those points to decide which type of school is better.


  • Freedom for Teachers

Teachers have a significant amount of freedom in charter schools; they can focus on teaching what they feel is essential and what the children lack. In charter schools’ children can get their problems solved very quickly. This is not easy to do in a public school. Get the idea from Online Female Quran Teachers.

  • Flexibility

Charter schools give the students and teachers more flexibility regarding the schedule as compared to public schools, where a rigorous curriculum has to be followed at all times, and no alterations can be made.

  • Small Class Size

Charter schools have small classes with a small number of students compared to public schools that have big classrooms and many students, which makes it harder for both teachers and students, so in that sense, charter schools are better since they have relatively small classrooms where the learning process can happen quickly. Smaller classrooms tend to benefit the students better than large classrooms. Get the idea from Online Madrasa Classes.

  • Better future opportunities

Students who graduate from charter schools have a good chance of securing admissions to good colleges. This is because the quality of education in charter schools is better, and students can get their problems solved as well. Public schools don’t guarantee this. This might also be the case because students in charter schools have more freedom to do what they feel like; public schools might not give this opportunity to students.

  • Better Results

Studies have shown that individuals in charter schools relatively get better results than those in public schools; this might be because of the higher level of freedom given in charter schools compared to public schools.


  • Easy to Get in:

Unlike charter schools’ public schools are easier to get into. The public gives opportunities to every student from every background, and the admission process is also very much more accessible than charter schools. Charter schools tend to have a complicated procedure as compared to public schools.

  • Student Population More Diverse

As public schools give opportunities to every student coming from any family background, the student population is more diverse, unlike charter schools where there are mostly children from a specific type of social class and background; public schools also spread the importance of equality as a student from a low-income family background would be sitting with a student from a wealthy family as compared to Charter schools that might foster inequality and discrimination as it isn’t diverse.

  • Teachers More Qualified

Through a study, it was found that public school teachers tend to be more qualified than charter schools; this might also be the case because teachers in public schools tend to earn a higher salary than teachers in charter schools. Public schools invest more in their teachers so that the children receive a good quality of education.

  • Funds Used Carefully

Since public schools are entirely in control by the government, the government makes sure that the funds aren’t being misused; that is the problem in charter schools as many people running charter schools can be corrupt, and they might use the money inefficiently. Public schools don’t experience something like this.

  • Less Workload on Teachers

Public schools tend to exhaust their teachers less than charter schools; charter schools are known for giving their teachers a lot of work compared to public schools that are much more lenient.

  • Don’t Discriminate

Public schools give a chance to all students, regardless of their intelligence, they don’t discriminate. That might be why public schools get lower results than charter schools because charter schools only handpick the bright children, whereas public schools are open to all.


Both charter and public schools tend to have advantages and disadvantages. It is basically about a person’s personal choice and what suits them better. Charter schools might give more freedom than public schools, but public schools have diversity, which is something that charter schools do not.

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