Best Ufone Internet Offers – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Internet Packages

Here is the complete detail on Ufone internet offers you can activate yourself, in 2022. Ufone is a Pakistani government-owned telecommunication agency working in Pakistan. Ufone has been providing its services in Pakistan since 2001. Currently, it is the third-largest telecom company in Pakistan.

Considering the rise in the demand for internet packages, Ufone decided to launch a wide range of internet offers for its valuable customers. These internet bundles include the validity of from one day to even 30 days.

Below, you will find a complete list of Ufone internet bundles along with the subscribing methods.

All Ufone Internet Offers

We have listed down all the Ufone internet packages. Check out these packages and select the one that is best for you. We have also described the subscribing method for all the internet bundles.

Have a look!

1.   Ufone Daily Internet Packages

There are various daily internet packages for Ufone customers. So, carefully read the subscribing instructions and the validity along with the resources.

●     Special Daily

The Special Daily internet offer from Ufone contains 500 MB+50 MB of internet and the validity of this package is from 01:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

If you want to subscribe to the Ufone Special Daily internet bundle, then dial *3461# from your phone. The charges are PKR 5 for this package.

●     Daily Lite

In the Daily Lite bundle, you will get 500MB+40MB for a Whole Day.

To subscribe avail the Daily Lite bundle, dial *2256# from your phone. The charges for Daily Lite will be PKR10.

●     Mega Internet

Mega Internet has a mega value of 2000 MBs of the internet that are valid from 01:00 AM to 08:00 AM.

Dial *550# in order to activate the Mega Internet offer on your Ufone SIM.

●     Daily Heavy

The Daily Heavy Ufone internet offer contains 500 Mbs and it has a validity of 24 hours.

The cost of this package is PKR15 and you can activate this by dialing *2258#.

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2.   Ufone 3-days Internet Offers

Ufone offers only 1 internet offer that has the availability of 3 days. Have a look at the below paragraph to know how to activate the Ufone 3 Day Bucket of internet.

●     Ufone 3-Day Bucket

Ufone 3-day bucket offers 600 Mbs for a whole of 3 Days.

The price of this 3-day Bucket is PKR 25 and you can activate this offer by dialing *3350#.

3.   Ufone Weekly Internet Bundles

Ufone weekly internet offers are best for those who are looking for long-term internet bundles with lower prices. The company provides 3 different Weekly internet offers for its customers.

●     Weekly Light

Weekly Light offers 2250 MBs.

The validity of Weekly Light is 7 Days.

Subscription charges for the Weekly Light are PKR 50.

●     Super Weekly Internet

In Super Weekly Internet, you will get 1200 MBs.

It has a validity of 7 days.

The price of Super Weekly Internet is PKR 100.

●     Weekly Internet Plus

Dial *260# from your to activate Weekly Internet Plus and get 3000MBs for the Whole Week in just PKR 150.

4.   Ufone Monthly Internet Offers

Below, you will find all the Ufone Monthly Internet Bundles.

●     Monthly Light

Volume:           2GB + 1GB

Price:               Rs. 250

Validity:           30 Days

Code:              *7807#

●     Monthly Heavy

Volume:           2GB + 3GB

Price:               Rs. 500

Validity:           30 Days

Code:              *803#

●     Monthly Max

Volume:           2GB + 10GB

Price:               Rs. 1000

Validity:           30 Days

Code:              *5100#


These are the best Ufone internet offers available in 2022. We have explained all the daily, 3-days, weekly, and monthly internet bundles. Choose one according to your needs and activate it today!

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