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Do you want to organize a party for your business success or just you want to throw a party for your family and friends? So for organizing a party you have to plan the timing of that event and you have to arrange many things for throwing a good and memorable party. Party can have various themes like birthday party, wedding anniversary, business success and some else occasions. So first thing you have to find out very great party needed items providers. So this is the right place for you. Teltudlejning (Tent Rental) is the best option for you. In this article, we will enlighten you about our great services for your party events. So let’s begin! Stay with us and keep reading and we are very sure that our services will definitely attract you.

Services of Tent Rental

We provide you party organizing necessary things. You can rent everything that is necessary for your party from us we will provide you with everything. The services we provide to you are as follow;

Rent a Tent

The first thing that is most important is a tent which makes the place prettier where you want to arrange your party. You can Lejeaftelt (Rent a tent) from us. You can rent many types of tents from us which you love most you can select that tent for your party place. So if you are seeking an organization that provides you with great tent granting services on rent then give us a chance. We are very hopeful that you will love our services and our tent will enhance your delight more because through our tents we make the place like a castle.

Tables and Chairs

After the tents table and chairs are the most important part of your party. We provide you with different packages of tables and chairs. Like for 30 persons, for 5o persons or for 100 persons or for more than 100 persons we have different packages and rates for tables and chairs services. We also provide tablewares for making the tables more attractive. Lejtelt (Rent Tent) as well as tables and chairs from us in a good package.

DJ/Artist Hire

Nowadays without music, a party is not completed. So if you want a DJ or an artist to hire that will sing and play songs and entertain you and your guests. We also provide DJs and artists for your parties or for other occasions. With Lejefesttelt (Rental party tent) you can also hire DJ or a singing artist from us to enhance the delight of your event.

Jumping Bridge (Hoppebrog)

We also provide you jumping bridge for your kids. When you organize a party it is obvious that the kids of your guest will definitely come to your place. So if you don’t want that your little guests get bored at the mature party. So use our jumping bridge service for kids. Lej ET telt (Rent a Tent) from us as well as for kids fun rent our jumping bridge for kids.

Sound and Light

What you desire for your party we are very sure you can find it from us. As far as light and sound concerns we will provide it to you. In short for arranging a party we provide everything. We will come to your place and our experts will set the tent at that place where you instruct them and also they will set the chairs and tables and then they will set the lights and sound system there. It means you just have to call us and we will do you all the event work.

Rental of Floor

You can rent a floor for your party event. If you arrange all the things very well but your party floor is not so attractive it will leave a bad impact on your personality. So order us and rent a floor for your party from us.

Rental of Services

Teltudlejning (Tent Rental) service includes many items such as;

  • Glass
  • Plates
  • Tent
  • Cutlery
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Table Wares
  • Candlesticks

Tent Rental Services provide areas

We provide our services in the following areas;

  • Tent Rental Sjaelland
  • Tent Rental Fyn
  • Tent Rental Jylland (Jutland)

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