5 Facts About Weed You Probably Didn’t Know

Cannabis, which also goes by the names weed, marijuana, and pot, has been used for centuries for both medicinal and recreational purposes. This plant has ingredients that can produce psychoactive effects, leading to its controversial legal status. Among the major ingredients include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These days, there are many weed dispensaries on the web for those who want to buy cannabis online. This makes it possible to get your hands on quality cannabis without having to step foot into a physical dispensary.

Some Unknown Facts About Weed

Here are five facts about weed that you probably didn’t know:

  1. Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Ancient cultures in China, India, and Egypt used cannabis to treat a variety of ailments including pain, inflammation, and digestive problems.
  2. The buy cannabis online industry is booming. In fact, it’s projected to surpass the $40 billion mark by 2021.
  3. Cannabis can actually improve lung function and capacity when smoked in moderation, according to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  4. Hemp, a type of cannabis plant, can be used to make a variety of products including paper, clothing, biofuel, and building materials.
  5. Cannabis can have different effects on different people. Factors like genetics, body composition, and the method of consumption all play a role in the individual experience with cannabis.

What Benefits Does Weed Offer?

Here are 15 benefits that weed offers:

1. Improved sleep

It has been proven that weed can help with insomnia. This is according to research published by the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where they found that using cannabis can increase the amount of time spent asleep.

2. Pain relief

Cannabis has been shown to effectively relieve chronic pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation.

3. Anxiety and stress reduction

THC is known for its relaxing effects, making it a potentially helpful option for managing stress and anxiety.

4. Improved focus and creativity

Many users report an increase in focus and creativity when using cannabis, particularly with the right strain and dosage.

5. Neuroprotective properties

CBD, a major component of cannabis, has been shown to have neuroprotective properties that could potentially prevent or slow the progression of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

6. Improved digestion

Cannabis has been used to treat digestive issues like nausea, stomach pain, and loss of appetite.

7. Glaucoma treatment

Cannabis can help lower intraocular pressure in those with glaucoma, providing relief from this condition that damages the optic nerve.

8. Improved overall mood

Cannabis can improve overall mood and may even offer an alternative to traditional antidepressant medications.

9. Cancer symptoms management

Cannabis has been shown to alleviate pain, nausea, and loss of appetite in those undergoing cancer treatments.

10. Increased exercise endurance

Some athletes and fitness enthusiasts use cannabis as a means to enhance their exercise performance and endurance, particularly when used in conjunction with workouts like running or cycling.

11. Improved sex

Cannabis can increase pleasure and sensation, leading to improved sexual experiences for some individuals.

12. Multiple sclerosis symptom management

Cannabis has been shown to alleviate muscle spasms and pain associated with multiple sclerosis.

13. Improved skin health

Topicals made with cannabis can improve skin health by reducing inflammation and providing antioxidant effects.

14. ADHD/ADD symptom management

Some individuals with ADHD/ADD have found relief from symptoms like impulsivity and hyperactivity with the use of cannabis.

15. Epilepsy treatment

CBD, a major component of cannabis, has been shown to effectively treat childhood epilepsy syndromes like Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed

1. Is it safe to buy cannabis online?

It’s important to buy from a reputable seller and ensure that the product is lab-tested for quality and potency. It’s also important to use weed in moderation and avoid driving under its influence.

2. Can using weed lead to addiction?

Like with any substance, there is a potential for misuse and addiction. However, the likelihood of this happening is lower with cannabis compared to other substances like alcohol and tobacco.

3. Can you overdose on weed?

The effects of consuming too much weed can be uncomfortable, but it is not fatal and does not result in an overdose.

4. Will using weed leads to the use of other drugs?

There is no evidence to suggest that using cannabis will lead to the use of other drugs. In fact, some individuals have found success in using cannabis as a means to quit harder substances like opioids.

5. Is it legal to buy and use weed?

The legality of cannabis varies by state and country. It’s important to check your local laws before purchasing or using weed. Additionally, those who are subject to drug testing should be aware that cannabis can still show up on a drug test, even in places where it is legal.

6. Can you use weed for medical purposes?

Yes, cannabis has been shown to effectively treat symptoms and manage conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, neurological disorders, and cancer side effects. It’s important to consult with a medical professional to determine if using cannabis is right for you.

7. Does the use of weed have any long-term effects?

There is limited research on the long-term effects of cannabis use, but it has not been linked to any significant negative consequences like those associated with alcohol and tobacco use. However, frequent and heavy use in adolescence may have an impact on brain development. It’s important to use weed in moderation and avoid using it if under the age of 21.

8. Can pregnant women use weed?

There is not enough research to determine the safety of cannabis use during pregnancy, so it’s best for pregnant women to avoid using it.


Cannabis has a wide range of potential benefits and uses, from managing symptoms of medical conditions to enhancing exercise performance. However, it’s important to buy from reputable sellers and be aware of the legality in your area. Consult with a medical professional to determine if using cannabis is right for you. There are enough platforms where you can buy cannabis online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller and ensure that the product is lab-tested for quality and potency. It’s also important to use weed in moderation and avoid driving under its influence.

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