10 Questions that You Should Ask from an Online Learner?

There are a lot of things about online learning that only someone with the experience or someone who is taking online classes can tell you and guide you about. So, to learn more about online learning you should ask multiple questions to those who are already taking online classes.

Here are 10 questions that you can ask from an online learner.

  1. What are Your Skills?

Always ask them about their skills and proficiency because you should know how much they learned and gained from online learning. Asking them this question can always help you out to decide, if you should go for online learning or not?

  1. What are Your Preferred Learning Environments?

When you are asking an online learner a bunch of questions, never forget to ask this one because you will know which environment works best for online learning and which does not.

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  1. Do You Have Any Mishaps Related to E-Learning?

It is important to know if any mishap happens in online learning or not so that you can prepare yourself for that. Always ask the online learner if any mishap happed during their learning journey or not.

  1. What are Your Goals that You Want to Achieve?

It is always good to know what other people want to achieve in life and what are their goals and ambitions. It is possible that you get an inspiration from them. So, asking about the ambitions from an e-learner is always a good decision.

  1. Did You Ever Get Scammed?

One of the most important things to ask is if they ever got scammed while learning online. It is highly possible because scamming people online is pretty easy and very common these days. So, ask about the scams and also ask them which platforms are scam free for online learning.

  1. Any Obstacle that You Faced in Online Learning?

During a chit chat with an online learner never forget to ask if they faced any difficulties during the online learning process. Ask if the teachers are good enough or they are highly qualified or not.

  1. Do You Use Social Media?

You should always ask if they get enough time to use social media or not. If yes, then how do they manage all the things together?

  1. Are You Comfortable With E-Learning?

If someone is not comfortable while studying then they won’t be able to study properly and it wouldn’t be worth their time and attention. Make sure to ask this question, if they are comfortable with e-learning or not.

  1. How Is Your Overall Experience?

Asking about the experience of an online learner is crucially important. As it would tell a lot about e-learning and its pros and cons as well. You would get to know if you should try online learning or not.

  1. Are You Satisfied With E-Learning?

If you are not going to ask this very question, then what is the point of having the whole conversation in the first place? Asking about their satisfaction in online learning will help you to have a clear opinion about online learning and classes. Always remember to ask this question.


Opinion matters a lot and even more if you are deciding to adapt something. So, if you don’t know much about e-learning then you can ask some questions to someone who is already taking online classes it will help you to build up an opinion of your own.

10 questions that you should/can ask an online learner are mentioned above and they can help you to know online learning experience better.

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