What To Do If You Get Into A Bus Accident?

Bus accidents are among the worst and most dangerous types of accidents, which are far worse than any other collision between two cars. Buses have numerous passengers and are much larger than other cars or SUVs. Therefore, the number of injuries significantly increases if a calamity occurs. A school bus can weigh around 25,000 pounds, and a passenger bus carrying people and luggage may weigh approximately 46,000 pounds. When any bus collides with other vehicles, motorcyclists, or pedestrians, the results can be catastrophic. Consult injury attorneys los angeles to know your rights. 

What to do if you get into a bus accident?

If you have been in a bus accident as another driver, passenger, or pedestrian, this can be confusing. You will feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and unsure if you can protect your health and interests. Following are the five steps that can help you take charge of the situation of recovering compensation from putting your life back on track.

  • Stay at the scene and make calls for help.

After a bus accident, staying at the scene and safety should be the top priority. If you need immediate medical, call 911 so the emergency personnel can arrive as soon as possible. It is important if the crash is blocking the highway track or if someone is seriously injured. If you do not need medical help, you can report the accident to the police and make sure a report is filed. The bus will likely register the case but do not simply assume that they will. 

If you are not injured, remain at the scene and help others. If you see smoke or fire from the bus, you may need to exit from the bus. Stay calm and help others who need assistance.

  • Gather evidence

If you are not injured, start gathering evidence and information. You can take this step while you are still at the accident scene, and it will have a significant impact on your case.  Take evidence in the form of photos and videos of cars involved, the number of people injured, and the bystanders who witnessed the accident.

  • Seek medical attention

You should seek medical help even if you feel like you are not injured. Like any other accident, you can also experience whiplash in bus accidents or any soft tissue injury that cannot be immediately felt, compared to injuries like broken bones. It may take hours to days for symptoms to be felt, and that is why early medication is necessary to avoid further injuries. 

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