What are the Post-Divorce Checklists for Moving Forward in Life?

Once the divorce procedures are over and you are ready to move forward in life, there are a few checklists that you need to follow. You cannot carry the past baggage in your new life. You must be selective and make provisions to keep you happy and safe. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the post-divorce checklists you need to follow while moving forward in life after the divorce. 

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What are the Post-Divorce Checklists for Moving Forward in Life? 

The list below is comprehensive but general; therefore, you must modify it according to your needs. 

  • Divorce Certificate: You will require many documents after the divorce. So, when your divorce becomes final, you must obtain the certified copy of your divorce directly from the clerk’s office at the court. 
  • Financial Accounts: You must be secure financially after the divorce, and therefore, you must close all the joint accounts and all the outstanding cheques, automatic payments, and other such financial dealings. You can open new checking and savings accounts, update automatic payments, change the beneficiary’s name, and create a new estate plan regarding the will, power of attorney, and other details. You must ensure that all prior powers of attorney are revoked in writing. It is also vital to close joint credit cards and safe deposit boxes and open a new one in your name. 
  • Insurance: You must secure and update your insurance details regarding your divorce. This includes updating health, auto, home, and flood insurance records. In addition, you must change the beneficiaries of all life insurance policies and disability insurance if the previous beneficiary was your ex-spouse. 

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  • Property and Asset Records: You should sign all the documents to retitle cars and other vehicles into individual names. There must be a recording of transferring the title to real property. You must notify utility companies of the new name in the account. Ensuring that the funds held in escrow are transferred or returned is also important. Similarly, informing other authorities about changes in address and mail is essential. 
  • Name Change: If your name changes post-divorce, you must inform the Social Security Administration of your driving license, employment records, bank and credit cards, IRS records, insurance records, school records of the children, professional licenses, and passport. 

So, you must ensure these are some significant checklists after the divorce procedure is over in court. It will ensure that all your previous records are over and you begin your life with your identity. 

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