What are the benefits of doing PRINCE2® Foundation Training?


PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environment) , which was originally known as PROMPT II (Project Resource Organization Management Planning Training), was introduced in 1989 by the Government of the United Kingdom and was later renamed PRINCE2 in 1996. It was successful then and is still going the same. The method was developed again and was revised twice in 2009 and 2017.

What is it? The PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification training is a five-day course that helps you to gain the knowledge associated with management and planning methods, and familiarise you with the skills & knowledge you need in order to handle complex projects of any size. The foundation is led by skillful practitioners from around the world. They provide principles and processes to complete even the toughest project in a manageable way. It is online live training that is mostly focused on Project Management Skills and underlying Methods.

A person will learn how to become a successful project manager. The process and skill-developing methods are all taught by the field experts. It will train you to take your organisation to a new level, and successfully deliver all the projects in the best way possible. The course is mainly based on improving skills and the process to pass the PRINCE2 test. The test will bring value to your life as after certification you will be regarded as a successful employee leading the organisation to success and being a great example for the team.Taking a course is mostly trying to secure your career. We need to be very careful while choosing the course as it will be directed towards our career. So now we will discuss the cost for PRINCE2. The cost for the course will be Indian rupees 26 thousand. You can take an online course or classroom courses as well. It depends on what you’re comfortable in. The price can vary depending on what you choose and which source.

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Benefits of PRINCE2 Foundation Online Training


A person can improve their skills and practice to build on their management techniques and skills to manage the organization.

You Can Start Easy

Starting easily basically means that the course does not have a hectic start. You need not think about the cost, burden of studying or preparing, etc. PRINCE2 provides preferable advantages for starting preparation for PRINCE2. There is only one exam which means that you can go for a real Project Management certification without putting much effort and spending time in training and costs.

Quick and Efficient Process

When the training period is over, the exams are being held. The exam process is very simple and easy to follow. The registration process is simple. There is not much of an identity you need to submit. The registration is as simple as Project Management exams.

The Certification holds Recognition

The certification is universally recognized. It holds great importance for an organisation. It is globally recognized in Asia, the USA, and Africa, and its popularity is still increasing. All the sectors of the Marketing companies are using it as an important achievement.


PRINCE2® certification will make you enter into project management and qualify you when going for other certification exams. If this changes your mind and you feel ready to take the certification, KnowledgeHut is a great online platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is PRINCE2 a good certification course?

PRINCE2 is considered one of the best project management courses. It is a great opportunity provided for a person interested in the field. A very easy certification course that can fetch you a proper certificate that can be used to enter into various fields mostly for project management.

Q2. What is the validity of PRINCE2® certification?

The validity for a PRINCE2® certification is three years. You can write the exam again before the expiry of the certification but there is no way to renew your certification. You can either manage your certificate by continuing the development of professional points and a digital badge.

Q3. Can we give the PRINCE2 exams online?

Yes! You can take PRINCE2 certification exams. You can choose the time and date of exams as per your schedule. You can go to the official page to check for the application process and the course.

Q4. What are the passing marks for the PRINCE2 exam?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is for an hour. The exam format has 60 multiple choice questions, and the passing percentage is 55%. Gaining more than that will be more valuable while applying for the organisation.

Q5. What is the time period for PRINCE2 training?

The training period for the PRINCE2 course is five days. You will indeed need several extra hours of practice. The study materials will be provided during the course time. For more details regarding the training, you can check the above-provided link.

Q6. How much time does it take to get certification?

After that, the results will be out after two working days. The whole process of getting the certification might take up to 5 days. For e certificate, a mail will be sent from where you can download and buy a hard copy. The minimum is 2 days which can extend up to 5 days maximum.

Q7. Is there any chance for revaluation?

No. There is no chance for revaluation for PRINCE2 exam. If you get poor marks, you get a chance to write again after paying the required amount of money. You need to retake the whole procedure to give a retest. Getting 55% at the first attempt will be a greater success for you than going for the second round.

Q8. Is PRINCE2 harder than PMP?

No, PRINCE2 is way easier compared to PMP. It mostly depends on how a person is taking it. For some people, it can be hard as well. Very few people have said that it was hard. It also depends upon the training you took and how much you practised. The main problem that people face is when they don’t attend the course. Later they find it difficult to pass.

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