What is meant by wedding venues in Louisiana?

A wedding venue is a place where the marriage of two people is arranged. The venue of wedding plays an important role in making your day special and memorable. Generally, there are two types of venues for wedding, one is traditional and the other is nontraditional, the choice is which type of venue do you want. Louisiana is a state of the US on the gulf of Mexico. The largest city of Louisiana is New Orleans. New Orleans is very famous for his beautiful wedding venues. This state was named Louisiana for the honor of King Louis XIV.

Types of wedding venues in louisiana:

There are many types of wedding venues but some of them are discussed below:

  • Beach wedding venue
  • Restaurant wedding venue
  • Hotel wedding venue
  • Museum wedding venue
  • Garden wedding venue
  • Historic wedding venue and many others.

List of wedding venues in Louisiana:

There are almost 265 wedding venues in this state of the US. Some famous are listed below:

The Greystone Mandeville:

It is located in Mandeville, the city of Louisiana. It is a beautiful 5,000 square feet big ballroom which consists of many beautiful chandeliers, beautifully decorated interior of the hall, comfortable chairs covered with beautiful covers. This venue has space for indoor events and also has space for outdoor events, a special room for the bride. They have the capacity for almost 300 to 350 guests. Their services include catering, packages for wedding destinations, drinks, and bars, they also provide the facility of transportation. The cost they charge depends upon the day ( such as on Sunday they charge maybe $11,700 to $24,700 and on Friday they charge around about $12,700 to $27,200 ).

Presidential palace:

It is located near Kenner which is the city of Louisiana. This venue has a capacity of only 375 guests. They provide personal waiters for the grove and bride. It also provides a special caterer for their family. They arrange a special candlelight dinner for the couple to make their day special and memorable. And the main point they make sure to provide you with mental peace. If you want to enjoy your day without any stress, then you can choose this venue.

Cypress grove wedding venue:

In the last five years almost 200 or more weddings were arranged in it. This venue is present on 5 acres of lush green land which consists of cypress,  pine, and wooded areas. This venue has a capacity for maximum of 450 guests.

Hyatt Centric French Quarter:

They charge almost $4,815 and have the capacity for 45 to 50 guests. This venue is located in New Orleans.

The Carriage house:

This is located in Gonzales, the city of Louisiana. Their schedule is different than others they charge $600 per five hours. Their service is responsible for cleaning, decorating, and lighting of outdoor, parking arrangements, DJ, catering, and many other services.

Ways to find wedding venue in Louisiana:

In this article, we have discussed some simple and easy methods that can help you in finding a best wedding venue:

  1. Search for a wedding planner. Then fix a meeting with him.
  2. And discuss with him which type of decorations you want also tell him your guest list so he can tell you the capacity of their wedding venue.
  3. Discuss everything ask them if they would provide their own catering service or you have to arrange your caterers.

Where we should search for the wedding venues in Louisiana?

In louisiana, there are many cities. Many people ask which city is best for wedding venues. These cities are very famous for their wedding venues, New Orleans ( almost 254 wedding venues are present in it ) and Shreveport ( almost 32 wedding and reception venues are present in it). You should select that venue that suits your taste and according to your style. It plays an important role in making good memories because a good place has the best impression.


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