Types of Badges

People find it challenging to recognize doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in the hospital or any other healthcare unit. However, it must not be the case in an emergency. Badges and their holders are the perfect tools to know a person’s profession, designation and role in an organization.

This article will let you know more about badge buddies and their types.

What is a Badge Buddy?

These are role-recognition cards intended for the medical industry. They feature the name, job title, qualifications, age, and other details in a vibrant color font and casing. These hold ID cards to assist in identifying healthcare workers. Patients, visitors, and customers are differentiated, making the product ideal for hospitals, clinics, schools, and ambulatories. Badge buddies are usually laminated and made from synthetic paper for durability, that is, to withstand wear and tear.

The Types

There are usually two types. For example, horizontal and vertical. These two variants differ in their height and breadth. The range of horizontal ones is more than vertical-shaped ones. The common purpose of both these products is to help patients and visitors recognize healthcare personnel in the medical field quickly and from a distance.

1.      Horizontal

For Licensed Vocational Nurse: Blue Color For Nursing Teams

Short in height and broader in breadth, a licensed vocational nurse vertical variant highlights the qualifications and credentials of nurses working in the healthcare sector. Patients can easily recognize the nurse who has been appointed to take care of them. In addition, the vibrant blue and white hue and large print allow the visitors or patients to remember the wearer in a crowded place.

For Anesthesia Specialist: Teal Color To make Credentials Known

Patients find it difficult to ask about the anesthesia expert in an emergency. But when an anesthesia technician wears these, it becomes easy for the patients to access them. Made from Teslin, the products are highly durable.

2.      Vertical

For Licensed Vocational Nurse: Blue Color For Nursing Teams

The licensed vocational nurse vertical variant is perfect for identifying the nurses from the medical staff team and knowing about their credentials in the crowded healthcare unit. Such id card holders are fully laminated and come with a blue color bar with a large, white print identifying the wearer as a nurse. These can be easily reused, saving money for the healthcare unit.

For Anesthesia Specialist: Teal Color To make Credentials Known

Anesthesia technician badges also come in a vertical shape. In addition, these are laminated, allowing them to survive the wear and tear in a busy medical environment. Once the necessary details are printed on both sides using vibrant colors, the position and role of the wearer can be easily identified.


Different types of identity cards and casings are ideal for the healthcare units striving to reconstruct their current ID scheme. For example, some hospitals or clinics prefer using horizontal ones, while others mandate the usage of vertical ones. No matter the type, these are essential security measures that make it easy for the patients and visitors to identify the wearer’s name, role, and position.

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