Things to Consider When Choosing a Bachelor Degree for Your Career

One of the most exciting careers you can pursue is a bachelor degree. It will propel you into a career field with high earning potential and provide you with the invaluable experience that comes with working in an industry for many years. In addition to this, it can give your resume a boost and help solidify your professional image within certain industries where a master’s or doctorate degree may be required, such as in psychology or law.

Things to consider when choosing a bachelor degree for your career

  1. Accreditation

Accreditation plays a major role in what programs are offered with a bachelor degree. Accreditation plays a significant role in the quality of the education and job placement training, as well as the application to graduate schools and universities. Accreditation is voluntary and varies between institutions, ranging from being available at all levels of education to being available only at the doctorate level, or even no accreditation at all. Choose an institution offering accreditation for your intended field.

  1. Curriculum

Accrediting bodies offer detailed descriptions of what is expected for each course offered within each degree program. This makes it easier for students to know what will be covered and when allowing them to choose which courses they believe are most relevant.

  1. Position of responsibility

You also need to think about what position of responsibility you’ll have upon completion of your bachelor degree. Some bachelor degrees allow you to choose what position you’d like, while others may only be able to provide an idea of the types of positions available in the area and what the requirements are for that position.

  1. Career and job outlook

When choosing a bachelor degree, you also need to take into account the projected growth of the field. This information can be found in the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports. Entry requirements are listed by college, position, and type of degree. A bachelor degree is a four-year program which is offered at colleges and universities across the country.

  1. Employment potential

You need to consider the job market when considering your career path. You’ll need to keep in mind that you may find yourself at a major disadvantage if you have less than a bachelor degree and also competing for jobs for which you’re overqualified. If you’re considering a master’s or doctorate degree, this will offer the greatest chance of getting paid more and having greater job opportunities. You can find information about the employment outlook for bachelor degrees at

  1. Post-college plans

If you are planning on going on to graduate school after completing your bachelor degree, consider what type of program you’d like to pursue and which institutions will be able to help make that possible.

Bottom line

All in all, choosing a bachelor degree is a very personal decision. Think about what you’d like to do with your education and your career, and then consider the employment outlook for the type of job you’d like. Be sure to choose an accredited university, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your education will lead to better opportunities in your career field.

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