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The Risks of DIY Basement Waterproofing in Boston

As a homeowner in Boston facing basement water issues, it may be tempting to DIY your waterproofing to save money. Unfortunately, taking on the task yourself comes with a range of risks, including the use of unsafe products, lack of professional expertise, and potential for structural damage. To avoid this, you may want to hire an expert for your basement waterproofing in Boston.

In this blog, we discuss why choosing a professional basement waterproofing company like Drycrete Waterproofing is the safest option for ensuring a dry, healthy, and structurally sound basement.

Here are three risks of waterproofing your basement yourself:

1. Lack of Professional Expertise

Basement waterproofing is a complex task involving much more than digging and sealing wall cracks. It requires a thorough diagnosis of the problem to locate the source of leaks and any other underlying issues before deciding on the appropriate waterproofing solution. Since you’re not an expert, you won’t be able to tell if the water originates from water pipes, mortar joints, window corners, or cracks. Therefore, you’re more likely to improperly diagnose the issue and fix only one problem or the wrong problem and still end up with leaks.

Similarly, when it comes to basement waterproofing, there are numerous solutions designed to address different basement issues. With DIY, you may choose inadequate solutions for complex basement issues, which only worsen the problem.

2. Use of Unsafe Products

DIY waterproofing kits often contain cheap products and materials that aren’t safe and deliver subpar results. Using these low-quality, toxic waterproofing materials exposes you and your loved ones to several health risks.

For instance, if you use cheap fillers to seal in wall cracks, water can easily make its way in and settle there. This increases your home’s moisture level, causing musty smells that affect your indoor air quality. The moisture, in turn, causes mold and mildew growth that triggers respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

3. Risk of Structural Damage

DIY basement waterproofing solutions can cause structural damage to your home in Boston. For one, you may fail to find all causes of dampness and leaks or incorrectly install an interior drain system, resulting in more leaks that adversely impact your wall’s stability. Over time, the moisture compromises the strength of your home, making the building unsafe for you and your loved ones to live in.

You may also use the wrong excavation and bracing techniques, causing more structural damage to your home. During excavation, your basement can cave in and cause dangerous accidents, including fatal slips and falls.

Why Hiring a Professional is the Safest Option

If you want a safe, dry, healthy, and structurally sound basement, consider hiring an expert. They have:

1. Access to Expertise and Advanced Solutions

Professional basement waterproofing companies such as Drycrete Waterproofing have the expertise to properly diagnose and solve complex basement issues. They’re trained, certified, and licensed to work as waterproofing contractors, which means they can troubleshoot the root cause of basement water issues better than an untrained individual. Having fixed and solved several basement water issues over the years, they’re armed with knowledge and know exactly what to do when it comes to basement waterproofing.

Professional basement waterproofing companies also have access to advanced solutions like DRY-SEAL 5000 Flexible Resins, which are only available to professionals. On the other hand, DIY homeowners only have access to low-quality and cheap solutions, such as non-commercial grade sealants that offer temporary results. You’re better off choosing an expert for long-lasting, industry-approved solutions that promise permanent results.

2. Guaranteed Results

Professional basement waterproofing companies guarantee their work. They use the right products, materials, and solutions to fix the problem, ensuring the results last long. This gives you peace of mind knowing the issue will not reoccur and that you’re getting a professional solution.

Professional basement waterproofing companies also offer some form of warranty for their work. So, if your basement floods again, you can repair it at no extra cost. This guarantee shows you can trust them to do the job right the first time for a dry basement for life.

Hire An Expert for Your Basement Waterproofing in Boston

Steer clear of DIY basement proofing if you want to avoid risks such as the use of unsafe products, lack of professional expertise, and potential for structural damage. DIY waterproofing solutions put you and your loved ones at risk and are time-consuming and costly in the long run since they don’t address the cause of your leaks.

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