Standard Plumbing Supply

For a truly unique experience, head to the Standard Plumbing Supply annual product show in March. The show attracts 2,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors, food and drink, and live entertainment. Customers from across the country and even the world travel to attend the event. Last year, the company booked 250 hotel rooms to accommodate the large turnout.

Wide variety of products offered at Standard Plumbing Supply

Standard Plumbing Supply offers a wide variety of products to meet the plumbing needs of your home. This company is a one-stop shop for plumbing needs, and offers good customer service, as well. As a family-owned company, Standard Plumbing Supply is a great choice for a plumbing supply store. They do not provide in-house repair services, however, so customers are often left without options when extensive repairs are required.

Founded in 1952, Standard Plumbing Supply offers a range of plumbing products and services for both commercial and residential use. It has 65 branches to serve its diverse clientele. Its products range from sinks and bathtubs to steam generators and vent fans, time and temperature control equipment, and water coolers and natural gas water heaters.

Long-haul trucking subsidiary of Standard Plumbing Supply

Standard Plumbing Supply is a company specialising in plumbing and heating supplies. Its history dates back to the 1950s, when Dale Reese founded the company. Originally based in Salt Lake City, Utah, it has since expanded to include seven other branches in neighbouring states. Today, the company’s reach spans Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

Standard Plumbing Supply maintains 50 showrooms throughout its territory. The typical showroom is 14,000 square feet, though larger showrooms often include home furnishings. The company settled on a plumbing-only strategy for these showrooms, although some stores feature home furnishings. The company’s showrooms are responsible for 70 percent of its overall volume, and they contribute to the bottom line.

The company has long been a leading player in the plumbing industry. Founded in 1952 by Dale Reese, Standard Plumbing Supply has been providing service to the industry for more than six decades. Today, it is recognized as a trend setter and a leader in the industry. Reese was born in Logan, Utah, and graduated from Utah State University. He then continued his education at Butler University. He also earned a master’s degree in retail merchandising from New York University. This allowed him to work for various departments stores including Macy’s.

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