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Here we will provide information about the slintel series capitaleconomictimes. To know all about slintel keep reading. Here we will also discuss simple arise questions like why slintel? And what are the benefits of joining it?

About slintel

Slintel is an artificial intelligence company. Its first time come into existence in 2016. With the help of slintel, you can analyze technology, view company insights, compare software, and compare technologies. That’s the reason that lots of clients from different companies write positive about slintel and they mentioned that they are happy with slintel’s services.

The working area of slintel is enterprise software, gaming, pharma, and education.

Slintel is the best choice in the case when you search for active buyers. This company will help you in identifying the active buyers of your company’s products.

Slintel Customer reviews

Liz Oz who is the head of marketing, always AI wrote in the favor of slintel. She wrote that slintel has saved my department tremendous amounts of time and enabled us to launch very successful campaigns. She adds that slintel is goldilocks as compared to other competitors. She mentioned in her interview with slintel that there was some less expensive platform but the problem was their services were not perfect. And other platforms were more expensive than slintel but when we compared the slintel data and other expensive websites we found the slintel data accurate like other expensive websites.

John Goodale who is the principal, venture Tech partner also satisfied with the services of the slintel series capitaleconomictimes. He mentioned that we love slintel, its accuracy of data, the international data set, the connection, and the financial backing that the company has.

Bryce record the director of revenue operations, Hyas are satisfied with slintel. And he mentioned the technographic information of slintel. He adds that I found the technographic data of slintel more unique.

These were some of the clients’ positive and satisfied reviews about the slintel. And this is the main reason that thousands of businesses use slintel series capitaleconomictimes to drive revenue.

Slintel 20m ggv capitaleconomictimes

With the help of GGV, slintel raise its series A fund which was 20 million dollars in slintel’s 20m ggv capitaleconomictimes. Slintel is not the only company in which GGV invests. This global venture capital firm invested in more than 200 companies across the United States. GGV invests in seed to growth stage investments.

Apart from the GGV Sequaoia capital India, Accel, and Stellaris adventure accomplices invests in the funds of slintel.

In a previous covid pandemic where lots of industries and businesses suffered, slintel become more popular and gained a bunch of new customers. And its overall revenue was boosted by 5x.

Why slintel is important for boosting company revenue?

The current era is the era of technology where all the traditional things changed into digital. The same is true for business and marketing. Today’s marketing is online marketing and it is shown in some research that 80% of the business to business purchases will take place online by 2025.

So everyone needs to connect their business through AI means digital. For this purpose, there are several companies or software which work for online and digital marketing. And slintel is one of them. Slintel helps companies in targeting active and potential buyers in the market. With the use of slintel services, the company can increase its sales and revenues.

Last words

Hope you found this article helpful and informative. Based on the above-mentioned client’s reviews we can say that slintel is the best marketing intelligence software. Because of the slintel services, their users posted positive reviews and that’s the reason that slintel continuously gains popularity. The recently raised fund from slintel was series A slintel 20m capitaleconomictimes.

Let’s discuss some of the basic frequently asked questions.


  1. Slintel Notches how many dollars in the Series A funding round led by GGV Capital?

In the series A fund slintel 20m series ggv capitaleconomictimes, slintel arise 20 million dollars with the help of GGV capital.

  1. Which technology is used by slintel?

Slintel software use advanced technology CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, and sales tools like Outreach.

  1. Who is the CEO of slintel company?

Deepak Anchala is the CEO of slintel.

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