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Did you hear about the services of FedEx? FedEx is the leading and most popular shipping service which provides both ground and air shipping. For ground shipping, they use trucks and vans, etc. while for air shipping they use cargo planes Boeing 777F. Customers are happy with the services because of its fast and reasonable shipping.

For such a big shipping company there is a need for a portal that redirects all the employees and other users to a single platform. Fortunately, FedEx has this portal by the name of Mygroundbizaccount. 

If we talk about the security of mygroundbiz fedex, it is highly encrypted and secure. All your given information will be safe and secure and does not allow anyone to interfere with it.

This was a short note about Mygroundbizaccount hope you get it. Now the point is how to become a part of this account and what will be the requirement.

Mygroundbizaccount login procedure

  • To become a part of this portal you need to log in. is the official website visit there and become a part of it.
  • After here you will see a login section. This section needs your FedEx id and password. Put the detail accordingly and click on the login button.
  • After a few seconds of waiting your ‘my ground biz account’ will become successfully active and you can benefit from using it.

If you face any problems even after putting the correct Id and password. You can take help from the team by visiting ‘contact us’ on the official website. Where you will fill out the inquiry form.

For the inquiry form, you will need your contract ID, full name, Facility number, phone number, and email address. And they displayed different major problems in the inquiry area by default such as the MGB-technical login issue, MGBA-technical login issue, Contact Business Development Solutions representative, and others. Select your problem and submit the form for further procedure.

How to create a new account

If this is your first time and you did not use mygroundbiz before, then you need to create a new account. After visiting the official website you will see the ’register’ option click on it.

For a new account, you need to add some information such as first name, last name, email, and password. Complete the section you will receive a verification message.

Who is allowed to use mygroundbizaccount ? What are the benefits of using it?

In the above section of this article, you caught the method through which you can login to the account. In this section, we will discuss the benefits of using this account and also talk about who can log in.

All those users who associate with FedEx can login to mygroundbizaccount. These users may be the employees or other people who use the services of FedEx company.

The advantages of using this account are amazing for your business. After successfully becoming a member of the Mygroundbiz account individual will get the latest news, stories related to their business, important and beneficial links for their business, and other information about FedEx.

Apart from this, this portal also provides other information related to your company which includes eForms, charge statements, etc. As you can see login to the portal is important for the success of the company.

Have you forgotten your password? What to do next?

Most users face this problem that’s why we want to add this section through which you can recover your password if you forget it. So this is a piece of good news for you that you can fix the problem by reading the below steps carefully.

  • Once again you need to visit the official website After here you will see the sign-in option in the right corner of the home page.
  • Click on it and you will experience a big display where you will see an email and password option.
  • Enter the email you used for the account and click on the “FORGOT PASSWORD” button.

In the next step, another display will be open where you need to enter the active email address. After entering the email now check your inbox where you would have received the message with instructions. Passing through that instruction you can fix your password.

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