December Global Holidays

December is indeed one of the most enjoyable weeks of the year. Different types of holidays are in this month. Some of these December global holidays are given on account of religion, some are given on culture some even are on corporate events. People enjoy this month again and again. Some of these events will be discussed in the following content.

World Aids Day

December global holidays contain World aids day which is an awareness holiday. This holiday is on the first of December. Different people specifically doctors and related health fields practice awareness in normal people. it was proposed by two public officers of the WHO global program. As HIV or aids is the most dangerous disease. The assigned people produce awareness in the local people.


It is marked from the 21st of December to January the first. It was marked in Germany and other German-based communities. Yule is also one of the December global holidays. It was to pay the tribute to the old god of pagan named Odin.

The earlier people will commemorate this holiday by burning a huge log in a bone fire. They will spend the whole night with this bone fire. Nowadays people also burn a log but with that, they also do some other things. Giving gifts based on nature or decorating this log or eating a candlelit dinner.


Everyone must know Christmas as It is also one of the most popular December global holidays. Christmas is enjoyed by the people on the 25th of December. Even non-believers enjoy this holiday. People give gifts to each other and spend time with their family on this day. Family meets with each other and different sweets are made and different dishes are cooked.

Christians say that it is organized to commemorate the birth of their Prophet. While the reality is not that but it was just some picked date. Some people provide services in Churches, some give presents for the Christ while others go on long vacations.

Boxing Day

It is a general type of holiday. 26th December is the day when gifts are given after Christmas to the following described text people. December global holidays also contain the boxing day. Some people say that when churches give gifts to the have-nots. Some people say that it was arranged to give presents to the postmen and other kinds of services. It was to appreciate these people’s services.

New Year Eve

On 31st December it is enjoyed at night. It was enjoyed by different people of different caste and creeds. People even go to the popular places of the world and enjoy their time. Different religious people thank God.

Other people go to a social gatherings to enjoy their time. People dance, sing, and do dinners with each other. In the developed countries it is one of the busy days of the December global holidays. People can’t even go to the hotel and they prepare for it before that day. People organize different parties and gatherings on this day.

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