Is IPL Laser Treatment at Home Effective?

Women with facial hair and excessive hair growth on the body are more likely to have low self-esteem. Individuals who want to get rid of excessive hair growth should consult the best dermatologist in Karachi.

Women can now use the IPL Laser machine in the comfort of the home to treat excessive hair growth issues. The device uses light energy and alters it into heat energy to destroy the hair follicle. It is an FDA approved method; which can help individuals get rid of hair without visiting clinics for multiple sessions. It has been proven effective and reduces hair growth by eight percent after four to six sessions. The effectiveness depends on various factors including; skin color, the thickness of the hair, and hormonal imbalance.

Multiple factors correlate with the success of the hair removal method.

  1. Purchase the Right Product: There are multiple options available in the market, but one should opt for the appropriate machine. Certain machines are only effective on lighter skin tones. Therefore, one must do their research and purchase the product according to their needs.
  2. Be patient: Most people want to see instant results. The process is effective only if the person understands that the hair follicle cycle takes up to 4-12 weeks, which may require multiple sessions before observing permanent removal of the hair. Additionally, the machine works best on thicker hair.
  3. No Plucking/Waxing: Individuals who wax and then go for the laser treatment can notice no difference. The hair follicle must be intact before the laser session. The purpose of the method is to utilize light heat to destroy the hair follicle. Therefore, one must shave the hair before the laser treatment and void tweezing, epilating, and waxing.
  4. Shave a Day Prior: To observe optimum results it is best to use a shaving gel to remove the hair a day before using the IPL laser device.
  5. After Care: After the laser session, the person must avoid going out in the sun as the skin needs time to heal. Avoiding sun for three to five days is necessary to avoid sunburns.
  6. Avoid Make-up: The skin becomes red, and the person may feel inflammation. Due to sensitivity, it is best to avoid using beauty products on the face. It may lead to excessive skin redness and cause complications.
  7. Skin Becomes Highly Sensitive: If the skin becomes sensitive causing pain and discomfort, then the person can use Tylenol to soothe the skin and provide instant relief.
  8. Say No to Facials for Two Weeks: The individual must avoid going for other skin /treatments/remedies for two weeks. The products can penetrate the skin causing inflammation and infection. It is best to exfoliate the skin gently in the shower to remove dirt.
  9. Stay Away from the Heat: The person must avoid a warm shower and go near the stove for at least two days after the procedure.
  10. Use a Sunscreen: It is essential to prioritize skin health and take measures to avoid damage. After the laser treatment, one must avoid direct exposure to sun for days, but if they have to go out, they must use an SPF 30+ sunscreen to avoid permanent damage to the skin.
  11. Laser Session After Four to Six Weeks: Most people want to get rid of the hair growth instantly, but they must not overdo the process. Repeating the process after four to six weeks show a drastic change in hair growth.

It is safe to say that using IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Laser device is effective in terms of hair growth reduction and can be used by teenagers at home. However, people with hormonal imbalance, acne, and other skin conditions must visit a specialist at National Hospital & Medical Centre. The specialist can guide the patient regarding other effective treatments such as electrolysis that can help in the permanent removal of hair without further complications.

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