Best Transcription Jobs: Do Money Typing at Home

Earning money could not get any easier. With a few attainable requirements, you can start making money translating audio files into text for various companies or individuals. Several sites offer transcription jobs and their requirements all in various languages.

Getting Started

Transcription jobs fall under the most accessible jobs as they do not require complicated qualifications such as a degree. There are, however, some needs you must meet to be accepted as a transcriber. They include:

  1. Excellent mastery of the language and listening skills

Transcription involves translating spoken words into written words in the best way possible without losing any intended meaning from the videos. There are transcription jobs for nearly all languages. There are English, Spanish, French, and German transcription jobs, to mention but a few.

There are a series of tests you will take, some very complex, some average, and some straightforward anyone can get in each depending on the site you choose to try with. The more complex the test, the higher the pay the site offers. They will test your language proficiency, and if it meets their standards, you get chosen. It greatly helps if you are multilingual because you can transcribe as many jobs as possible.

A good listener makes an excellent transcriptionist.

2. A fast, reliable Computer

Transcription involves listening and typing; therefore, you need a computer or laptop with good audio properties and a neat pair of noise-canceling headphones for listening. For more comfort, given the nature of the job, an ergonomic keyboard is designed to help reduce strain if the nature of your work is likely to cause you discomfort due to prolonged typing.

3. Good Typing speed

A typing speed of at least sixty words is a requirement. A faster typing speed is even better as it means that you can work on as many audios as possible. The more audios you transcribe, the more you earn.

  1. Stable internet connection

Transcription sites make calls at different times, and it is a matter of how fast you can gt to them; therefore, a constant stable internet connection will come in handy.

  1. Flexible Schedule

Transcription jobs again depend on how available you are once you start working for a given site. The more time you have in your hands, the better. However, there are moments when jobs are rarely available, and calls may be made at unexpected times and require that you be very flexible.

Best jobs

After meeting all the mentioned requirements, where do you get these jobs? There are several sites where you can get transcription jobs, each with different requirements and rates. The sites include:


Upwork is one of the holy grails for freelancers, from writers to translators and transcribers. Unlike other sites, Upwork requires no tests and no previous experience. All you need is a commendable profile to show your ability to deliver. All you need to do is visit and choose a job you feel is within the pay range you prefer working with. Payments are generally made via PayPal, Payoneer, Mpesa, Instant Play, and U.S. Dollar Wireless Transfer. One good thing about this site is that pay is negotiable between the client and the transcriber. Upwork has a very high job availability as it is one of the most popular sites for suchlike jobs. If you are a beginner, this might be the place to start.

Go Transcript

Go Transcript is also big and very beginner-friendly. It pays up to 0.60 per audio per minute, which translates to $150 per month and $1215 for its top transcribers. You must take a series of tests to test your language proficiency to get in. A response is made in two days. It is a worldwide site and makes payments weekly via PayPal.

Daily Transcription

This is another excellent place to get transcription jobs. It pays $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute, with its top transcribers making about $250 to $950.They claim to offer training and feedback from their clients. It has a high job availability and makes payments weekly. Sadly, it is only available to Canadians and U.S. residents. To get in, you must take the test to test your skills, after which you start working with them.

Transcribe me

Transcribe Me is also another platform for transcribers. They have a good reputation. It is the highest paying platform with a par rate of $15 to $22 per audio hour with a monthly average of $245 and a high of $1495. They pay via PayPal and have a medium job availability. All you need is to register, create a profile, and get started!

Rev Transcription

Rev is also quite popular. With the requirements mentioned earlier, you are good to go with Rev transcription jobs. Their rates are$ 0.30 to $1.10 per audio minute, and they make weekly pay via PayPal only. The downside with Rev is that access to their jobs is limited to specific countries. It would help if you were from the following countries to work with Rev:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United State
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands


Unlike other platforms, Tigerfish pays per word $0.005 per word. It is, however, only limited to transcribers from the United States. It makes payments via PayPal and does not require prior experience.


This site has jobs with short files, 10 minutes or less, and a pay rate of $5 to $25 per audio hour. Payments are made via Paypal weekly.

There are numerous sites one can hardly exhaust. The above mention platforms, however, are known to provide the best transcription jobs.

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