10 Unique Ways to Earn Money When You’re Broke

When you’re broke, it can be difficult to see a positive way to make extra money. However, today’s economic landscape provides people with many unique ways to earn supplemental income, and take control of their finances. If you’re ready to boost your earnings, here are ten unique ways to earn money when you’re broke:

1. Dog Walking

Especially if you live in a warm area, and you love dogs, dog walking is a great way to have fun while making extra cash. Thankfully, there are now tons of dog-walking apps that make it incredibly easy to get going. You can even dog sit (at your home or a client’s home) to make money in a mostly passive fashion using these types of fantastic modern apps.

2. Assistance Programs

For those who need to make rent on time right now, government and charity-based assistance programs are incredibly useful. Especially for families, seeking rental assistance in Houston (or your local area) can help protect you from the dangerous and perilous situation of being evicted.

3. Teaching a Useful Skill

Do you play guitar? Maybe you’re an excellent carpenter? If you have a useful and monetizable skill, you can begin using it to start up tutoring classes. You can start your own tutoring business, or use a pre-existing service to find students more quickly. You’ll be able to spread your passion while making money that will ensure you can pay the bills on time.

4. Rideshare Jobs

If you live in a city, you’ve almost certainly taken an Uber at some point. There are tons of rideshare jobs available for you if you live in an even somewhat-crowded area. Delivery jobs are also perfect, especially if you don’t want to share your car with strangers. Basically, if you have a car and a phone, there are always opportunities for you to earn supplemental income.

5. Renting Out a Room

For those that own their own house, or that are renting a space with a spare room, renting out a room through Airbnb or similar apps is one of the absolute best ways to make passive income. You can make upwards of hundreds of dollars a night if you’re able to attract enough people to stay in your room, after all. The comfier the space you’re renting out is, the easier it will be to attract clients.

6. Selling Old and Unwanted Items

Decluttering your space is always a great step for your mental health, and it can give you more living space to enjoy. Additionally, you can take old and unwanted items to thrift stores, pawn shops, and online selling spaces to earn some extra cash. If you have any rare electronics or furniture, you might even make enough to cover most of next month’s rent.

7. Applying for a Credit Card

Credit cards can be incredibly useful for those looking for an extra line of financial support. As long as you use them responsibly, they can get you through tough spots, while helping you earn a better credit score at the same time. The better your current credit score is, the more options you’ll have in terms of finding a quality credit card that comes with amazing benefits.

8. Proofread for Cash

Do you love to read? Are your grammatical skills stellar? If so, you can put those skills to work via proofreading services. While it’s not the easiest way to make extra money, you can proofread from the comfort of your home, and you can do it whenever you want as well. For those who aren’t too picky, proofreading for cash is a great option.

9. Doing Online Surveys

Similar to proofreading, doing online surveys is one of the slower (but more convenient) ways to make extra cash. Sometimes these gigs come with the possibility of winning prizes as well, so they’re great for those who love taking a chance.

10. Rebudgeting

Finally, rebudgeting is one of the absolute best ways to start earning a better income and getting your finances in order. Get rid of subscriptions you don’t need, figure out where you’re overspending, and learn how to become more financially responsible. If you can afford it, a financial advisor can help you rebudget in a way that can literally transform your life.

You Can Do It!

With these ten fantastic avenues, you are guaranteed to make the extra income that you desperately need. The more work you’re willing to put in, the more you can earn. With the right grit and determination, you’ll soon have your finances in a better state than they’ve ever been before.

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