Why is the Lunch Set Menu Popular in Singapore?

Lunch set menus in Singapore are all the craze nowadays in the city. Tired of eating at home? Want to celebrate with your family and friends? Or just want to enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch?

What is the lunch set menu?

A lunch set menu in Singapore is your best option. Don’t commit to large portion sizes. Instead, try a lunch set menu having a little bit of everything. All the flavour and food variety at a fraction of the price. Choose from a wide variety of food offerings ranging from traditional chicken rice & Katong Laksha to continental delicacies like the hamburger or perhaps even the German Wurst. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, might we suggest a sauerkraut and mayonnaise salad?

The lunch set menu fad has been quickly catching up in Singapore with the youth particularly interested in the wide range of products on offer. Also, limited portion sizes mean you get to try a lot more different options. Had your fill? Why don’t we wash it down with some freshly brewed beer or maybe a tropical cocktail like the Singapore sling? Flavourful & colourful like the people of Singapore, but packing a punch. For the teetotaller, an apple strudel would go just nicely.

Items in the Lunch set menu

The lunch set menu in Singapore gives you all these options and much more. Don’t believe me. I know it sounds too good to be true, but believe me, that’s not all. You can also take your pick from a pork skin crackling, fried riblets, pretzels, Goulash Soup, Mozzarella & seafood salad, chicken salad, and many more delicious & lip-smacking treats. The lunch set menu in Singapore also contains cheese boards, different kinds of bread and occasionally the elaborately decadent charcuterie board.

This is just one of the few available options available in the lunch set menu available throughout numerous restaurants all over Singapore. You can also take your pick from a rich selection of wines & craft beers. You can take your pick from white wines, red wines, sparkling wines, craft beers, draught beer, and many more.

There is always a little bit of something for everyone, everywhere in Singapore.

Kids’ lunch set menu

While the grown are enjoying their craft beer and fine wines, the kids should also not feel left behind. The lunch set menu in Singapore also features a fantastic kid’s menu. This includes kiddie classics like fish fingers, chicken schnitzel, mac and cheese, burgers & sliders, pizza & many more. And talking about the kids’ menu who can forget their favourite dessert-Ice Cream! Well, we certainly didn’t forget there is every flavour you can imagine.

Talking about the lunch set menu in Singapore I can already see that you are feeling hungry. But wait!

Promotional Deals

Before you dig in, do you know what is the best thing about the lunch set menu? No, it’s not the fancy cocktails or the unlimited menu options & ice cream. It’s not the beer or the apple strudel. It’s the endless promotional deals. Yes, you can save while you binge. With attractive combo offers & mouth-watering promotional deals, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your lunch set menu in Singapore today.

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