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What To Consider When Buying A Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Is a garden hose reel something you’d be interested in purchasing? Yes, you’ve found the relevant article. This piece will review some factors to consider while shopping for a hose reel for your garden. Maintenance requirements for a retractable garden hose reel are also covered in detail. And the best place to get a hose reel for your garden. Go now!

Features to look for in a good retractable hose reel

  • In-wall or take-it-anywhere – Look for a hose reel with a wall mount if you need a solution for a more permanent installation. The ideal is one that can be readily packed up and moved from one yard to another.
  • Lockable – It’s a good idea to seek a padlock sleeve that fits the mounting of your hose reel, as some of these devices can cost hundreds of dollars. If you’re worried about safety, another option is to install it within the shed and run the hose through an opening in the wall.
  • Gentle rewind – Keep an eye out for a slow rewind feature that lets you carefully withdraw the hose. Some hose reels have a spring-loaded rewind mechanism that automatically retracts the hose when the trigger is depressed.
  • Protective locks – If your curious young ones try to pull the hose reel out of its housing, you may secure it with a lock.
  • Spray gun – The retractable hose-reel set should come with an adjustable spray cannon. Hoses and reels to store them are frequently sold together.
  • Hose dimensions – The majority of models are available in a variety of sizes, so you should choose one that is appropriate for your garden.
  • Plug for a garden hose – The stopper prevents the hose from being wholly retracted into the housing while it is in place.
  • The Organization of Hose-Ends – Consider a unit with a place to stow the hose’s end when it’s not in use, protecting it from grime. Typically, this entails a hole in the casing of the reel into which the hose end can be inserted once the spray cannon has been removed.

Manual and semi-manual hose reels vs. hose reels that can be pulled out

Hose reels that retract are not cheap. Less expensive hose reel solutions are available, such as manual and semi-manual reels. Nevertheless, hose reels that retract are far more convenient.

Manual Reels

While reels are the most cost-effective option, they can be challenging to use because of how sensitive it is to gather the hose and loop it over the reel.

Semi-manual Reels

Require you to direct the hose into the reel while you move the handle to pull it over the wheel. Much more work is needed for these as well.

How to Take Care of Your Garden Hose Reel

Here are a few suggestions for keeping your Retractable garden hose reel in good working order.

  • When you’re done using the hose, let the water run out.
  • To make the reels’ motion smoother, lubricate the moving parts frequently.
  • Connections and joints need to be checked frequently. That way, you can detect problems like leaks or loose screws early on.
  • If you find any loose or missing screws, tighten or replace them.
  • Ensure that the screws have been checked before use. Double-check that the garden hose reel you installed on the wall is not dangling.
  • If the hose has any kinks, you can eliminate them by extending them and increasing the water pressure.
  • Use warm soapy water to scrub the openings.
  • Install the hose reel in an elevated position. A kinked hose is the result of a setting that is too low.

Insights into why a hose reel is a useful tool to have

Simpler cleaning is possible

Even with a standard hose reel, there’s one region you can’t escape. That’s cleaning hose reels. You must pack and restore everything. Repetition can destroy the hose reel. Retractable hose reels differ. You can quickly retract this hose reel. This eliminates the need to clean up.

Tolerant to Ultraviolet Radiation

Most hose reels are sun-sensitive. Too much sun causes hose reels to lose contact. The hose reel retracts. Retractable hose reels can safeguard your hose. It’s UV-resistant. This makes the hose reel sun-resistant.

Minimized Need for Knots

Most gardeners fear something. Your hose knotting up is a genuine and tormenting potential. Even standard hose reels are inefficient. Retractable hose reels are different. Since hose reels can be retracted after use, knots are rare. Your hose will last longer, saving you time and resources.


The result is still the same. Many different options and functions are available on the retractable hose reel. There’s no denying its superiority to older hose reel designs. You can get much more done around the house and yard if you have it.

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