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What is Blackbaud Volunteer Management? 7 Steps to Leverage Technology to Improve Volunteer Engagement (2023)

What is Blackbaud Volunteer Management?

Blackbaud volunteer management is a dedicated tool for nonprofits who want to host impactful volunteer activities and events. The application focuses on different data areas an organization deals with and provides features that help the management make informed decisions and achieve successful results. With the help of the Blackbaud volunteer management software, nonprofits can enhance their volunteer management methods and boost volunteer engagement.

The Blackbaud volunteer management can help organizations in a few of these manners – 

  1. Reduce data organizing errors and ensure a secure access channel for volunteers and management staff.
  2. Provision of predictive models for fundraising and donor activities.
  3. Organize volunteer performance reports, track hours, and divide information according to priorities.
  4. Establish structured communication hubs/channels to keep volunteers informed and boost engagement.

Volunteer engagement is critical for the success of different volunteer activities and events. When volunteers are actively involved with the organization and their work, they are more likely to perform better and achieve high-quality results. To make this happen, organizations have to take appropriate measures to ensure that they can keep volunteers engaged and enthusiastic about their job. And with the various technical assistance available, it has become convenient to leverage these benefits for maximum volunteer performance. Let us take a look at how this is possible.

7 Ways to Use Technology to Boost Volunteer Engagement

  1. Create Volunteer Profiles 

When new volunteers join the organization, allow them to use volunteer software and create their profiles for the organization. They can use these profiles to list their information, such as contact details, interests, past experiences, and more. Nonprofits can then use these details to assign suitable tasks and responsibilities that volunteers can conveniently manage within their shifts.

  1. Build Online Survey Forms 

When volunteers have been with the organization for a while, the management can create online survey forms and share them with the volunteers. These forms allow nonprofits to conveniently collect feedback and suggestions on improving volunteer activities and the quality of volunteer satisfaction. It shows the volunteers that the organization cares about their needs, thus, leading to higher volunteer engagement. Organizations can integrate applications, such as Blackbaud or volunteers for Salesforce software to conduct online surveys and track all the information collected.

  1. Introduce Online Communication Hubs 

Communication is a critical part of ensuring no misunderstandings between volunteers and the nonprofit. Building online communication hubs using volunteer software allows the organization to keep track of information flow, send out notices, updates, and more. Nonprofits can also make use of the Blackbaud hour tracking and notification feature to keep constant communication with volunteers about any changes in working hours, duties, etc. The continuous flow of information at all stages helps maintain high engagement levels as no conflicts occur with clear communication. 

  1. Track Volunteer Interests 

Make a note of volunteer interests and goals when they join the organization. Organizations can use management software to organize these details under one category and use the information to assign aligning tasks to satisfy volunteers, thus leading to improved volunteer engagement.

  1. Build a Motivational Environment 

Organizations can use technology to host team-building activities that help volunteers learn more about the organization and fellow workers. They can use software to organize internal events and list the details of each. It is an excellent way for volunteers to learn about the workers and the organization, leading to higher engagement at all stages.

  1. Host Volunteer Orientations 

When new volunteers join the organization, the management can use volunteer software to host and present online orientations beneficial for familiarizing volunteers with the work and requirements. It will help establish every relevant detail in the early days, thus reducing any misunderstandings that can hamper volunteer engagement.

  1. Provide Online Training 

Organizations need volunteers equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for their responsibilities. For areas that do not require physical training, nonprofits can use volunteer software to host online training sessions to allow volunteers to know more about what their tasks need and how they can best perform them. Trained volunteers will be more likely to engage more as they can overcome different hurdles in their work without any hassle.


Volunteer engagement is essential for all nonprofits, so it becomes necessary to take measures to ensure consistent engagement levels at all stages. Volunteer software technology provides organizations with several features they can use to improve internal performance. With these tools, nonprofits can cater to efficient volunteer activities that will enable volunteer satisfaction, thereby boosting engagement for all responsibilities. 

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