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What Are Carousel Ads?

Nowadays Carousel ads are a popular name in ad sharing and digital marketing. You’ve observed that some advertisements are enjoyable to watch repeatedly. They are beautifully designed and decorated. These commercial advertisements occasionally contain stories. Carousel ads highlight various products, boost traffic, and increase conversions. Are you tired of using shady tactics to try to build your social media presence? Platforms like Tiktok can help you to build your brand. Try Tiktokstorm to grow your tiktok channels. The platform offers organic likes, views and followers for tiktok accounts. Try Tiktokstorm to reach mor people.

Various online-based companies publish carousel ads. They are getting massive responses through it. At the same time, their sales have increased more than before. Continue reading to learn more about how Carousel Ads works. 

What are Carousel Ads?

You must have seen several images or videos in one advertisement. They look so eye-catching. These kinds of ads are called  Carousel ads.

Carousel ads are a special type of advertisement that combines several videos or images into one single ad. In a single advertisement, the Carousel format displays two or more images, videos, or headlines and links. In Facebook and Instagram, this format is mostly used. Carousel ads are among the best ways to achieve any campaign goal. This format can enhance advertising engagement and conversion rate.  

How to Create a Carousel Ad on Facebook?

 Step 1: First Go to the Ads manager

Step 2: Select create Button

Step 3: Choose a campaign objective

Step 4: Select a Campaign name (optional)

Step 5: Select your Budget for the campaign

Step 6: Tap on Ad set (Here you can custom age limit of your target audience)

Step 7: Click on Ad (Name this ad)

Step 8: Select Special ad categories (If the Ad is for E-commerce, this option is not necessary). Choose your target Traffic destination and select placements.

Step 9: Tap on Optimization and Delivery

Step 10: Ad setup (Select Carousel)

Step 11: Click Ad creative and select an image (Minimum image size is 600 x 600) and create your desired Carousel ads. 

Carousel Ads Recommended Design Specification for Facebook

  • Number of Carousel slides limit: Minimum 2 and Maximum 10
  • Recommended image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels (Recommended ratio is 1: 1)
  • Minimum Image Size (width and height): 600 x 600 pixels
  • Maximum image size: 30MB.
  • Recommended image formats:  JPG and PNG.
  • Recommended video file size: Not more than 4 GB
  • Maximum video length: 240 minutes.
  • Recommended video formats:  .mp4 and .mov.

Carousel Ads Recommended Design Specification for Instagram  

  • Number of Carousel cards limit: Minimum 2 and Maximum 10 (for stories maximum number is 3)
  • Recommended image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels (For Newsfeed), 1080 x 1920 (for Stories)
  • Maximum image size: 30MB.
  • Recommended image formats: .jpg and .png.
  • Recommended video file size: Not more than 4 GB
  • Maximum video length: maximum 60 seconds (for newsfeed), up to 15 seconds (for stories)
  • Recommended video formats: GIF, .mp4, and .mov.

The Benefits of Carousel ads 

Cost Control:  Every company wants to run ads at a lower cost. They consequently always pay attention to lower cost per click and cost per conversion rates. The conversion rate is higher with carousel advertisements. According to Facebook Officials, It generates a 30–50% lower cost-per-conversion than ordinary picture advertising. 

Increase of Engagement: Carousel ads increase comparatively  more engagements than regular ads. In carousel ads there are multiple slides in a single ad. It influences users to swipe and watch further advertising.

Multiple Goals Achieved: Because carousel ads can include many photographs or videos, different forms of content can be published under the same ad. So, multiple goals can be achieved easily.

How to Use Carousel Ads Smartly?

Set Videos as Ads: Videos generate more conversions than images. Thus you may substitute videos for photos.

Telling Story: Storytelling can be a smart idea to run an advertisement. You must have noticed that story based advertisements are more memorable. So, you can tell a story within your ad.

Promote various benefits of a product: Your interest in a product will undoubtedly increase if it offers you multiple advantages. So, Showcasing a product’s versatility will increase conversion rates.


Carousel ads make your ads more attractive to visitors. It gives new momentum to business campaigns by increasing engagement. This type of ads are also cost effective and commercially fruitful. 

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