Video Content Marketing: 10 Things You Need to Know

Videos have the potential to maximize your conversions by 86%. Not only this, but it also boosts customer engagement and organic traffic.

Video marketing is thus one of the most influential marketing mechanisms. It’s the strategy you can find in most marketers’ marketing toolboxes.

Unfortunately, many marketers feel it is difficult to run a successful video marketing campaign. It might be because they do not have a proper publishing plan and video marketing goal. 

Read this article to know the top 10 video marketing tips to improve sales figures. 

Top 10 Video Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

There is a long list of video marketing tips that can help small businesses grow online. However, below we have compiled some powerful and easy tips you can follow to witness considerable improvement in sales figures. 

Know your Audience and Goals

Knowing your audience and setting a goal is your first step to making an effective video marketing strategy. 

Knowing your targeted audience helps you to make your products more personalized. It also enables you to discover what potential customers are looking for. 

Identifying the audience is not a tough task. You can design a buyer’s persona to understand the potential audience.

Your video marketing goals must include what you want to achieve using video marketing. It can be anything that is achievable and measurable. For example, you want to educate the audience and provide a tutorial on products to convert them.

Set a Budget for Video Marketing

Once you have your buyers’ persona and video marketing goals, you are ready to decide and optimize your video marketing budget. 

While deciding on the budget, decide the budget for ideal video editing tools. However, if your budget is limited, use a free online video editor tool. Nowadays, many free options are available to edit videos online without any issues.

Also, set aside a small budget to promote videos on the right channels. It will give you enough visibility and attention from a targeted audience. 

Create a Video Content Publishing Plan

It does not matter whether you post videos regularly, weekly or monthly. You must stick to your video content plan and keep the content diversified. 

You shouldn’t always post with the intention to sell. As you also have to educate the audience and solve their queries, you can share user-generated content, case studies, and promo videos. You can even share tutorials, demos, and customer reviews. 

Gather Basic Tools and Applications

Video Content Marketing

Do you wish to get an advantage over your competitors? If so, you are required to get some must-have video marketing tools. 

Thankfully you do not need to put much investment up front. 

Many affordable DSLR cameras can help you shoot quality videos. If you can’t buy a DSLR camera, you can prefer using your smartphone. These days smartphones also come with high-resolution cameras. 

In addition, having a durable microphone is also essential. It helps you keep the audio clear and crisp. These two tools are significant for recording high-quality video content. 

Use Multiple Video Channels

There is no shortage of video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. So, don’t stick to only one platform; you can get vast reach and conversion by working on multiple channels. 

You can check the required video dimensions and ideal length. It will help you run a successful video marketing campaign. Most video editor tools come with templates for each platform, so you can make use of them for convenience.

Create a range of video content around the main topic, so your brand gets noticed easily and attracts more audience. 

Keep Video Length Ideal

The length of the video varies depending on the brand’s goal. 

For example, if you want to give a powerful message, news, or update about the product, you can share a short video having an ideal duration of 1-5 minutes. But, if you need to give in-depth information about the brand’s product or usage. You can keep the video length above 15 minutes. 

You can always use free online video editing websites to edit videos perfectly and make sure they are not too long.

Work on Video Quality

Video quality is extremely important to make the video marketing campaign successful. 

If the quality of video content is good, it will attract users and keep them engaged in the brand’s message. On the other hand, if the video quality is poor, the audience will not watch the complete video. 

So make sure to use a good smartphone or professional video camera to record video at high resolution. 

Use SEO for Video Content

Video Content Marketing

Adding an attention-grabbing SEO title is a good practice. It helps your audience to discover your video content.

For this, you can do keyword research around your video content topic. You can add the keyword to the video title, description, and supporting content. 

While embedding videos on the landing page, you can also follow the SEO guidelines so that your video content drives more organic traffic, leads, and conversion. 

Use Proper CTAs

You can easily create killer video content to attract an audience, but if you forget to add a call to action (CTAs), it would be an effort in vain.

CTAs tell the audience what to do next. Customers enjoy your final message, and many will take action when you give them the appropriate steps and/or links. It’s also a good idea to give coupon codes, or discount offers here to attract new consumers. 

CTAs thus help get more leads and conversions, boost sales, and encourage targeted customers to stick to your brand. So make sure to include them.

Measure Performance 

Video marketing is measurable; there are tools that let you measure impressions, videos, clicks, and comments that you can use to run effective video marketing campaigns. 

You must take these insights seriously and develop a robust video marketing strategy to get your brand more visibility, customers’ attention, and high sales conversion. 

Wrapping Up 

So, these are the top 10 video marketing tips that will skyrocket your sales figure. If you also want to increase your conversion and brand reach, it’s good to think about implementing a comprehensive video marketing plan. In addition, these strategies are generally cost-effective and yet powerful as they help your business retain loyal customers and attract new ones.

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