Various directions your case can go after winning a lemon law lawsuit

Many people think that filing a lemon law case means they will get all they wished for or nothing. But this is not how a lemon law lawsuit works, as there are many possible outcomes when you file a lawsuit under the lemon law in your state. 

When you take care of a lemon law lawsuit on your own, there are 99% chances that your case will be dismissed on the very first day, which is why scouring the internet for the best lemon law attorneys. But just because you have hired an attorney doesn’t mean that you should not even try to understand what lemon law is all about. 

One of the first things you should know about lemon law is the various directions your case can go after winning the lawsuit, and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post in a detailed manner. 

Refund of the purchase price

This is what all the consumers filing a lemon law lawsuit expects from their case while working with the best lemon law attorneys. The amount you get in the form of a refund can be later used to buy a new car after winning the case. 

But keep in mind that for giving you the refund, the car manufacturer takes possession of your lemon car. Also, the refund amount might not always be similar to the amount you paid for purchasing the car. 

For example, suppose the vehicle exhibits damages because of an accident or any other issue because of negligence from the owners. In that case, the amount refunded to the consumer will be less than the original price. 

A replacement vehicle 

There are a few incidents where the auto manufacturer agrees to replace the lemon car with a brand new car of the same model, but such an agreement after winning the case is still rare in the world of lemon law. 

The main reason why auto manufacturers never agree on replacing vehicles is that it results in a huge loss for the manufacturers. So, even working with the best lemon law attorneys, you should not always expect the replacement vehicle as an outcome. 

Cash and keep 

The cash and keep is another possible outcome you can accept if offered after winning the lawsuit. In this case, you get paid for all the losses and trouble you have suffered, but this is not done in exchange for the vehicle, as you get to keep the vehicle.

This is one of the best options that you can consider, especially if you are ready to live with the issue in your vehicle or think that the problem has been solved once and for all. This is one of the most tempting outcomes for any consumer as they get to keep the car, and they get paid for damages as well, but you should first consult the best lemon law attorneys before taking any decision.  

Final repair attempt 

A dealer must be allowed to conduct at least 3-4 repair attempts on any car that is being considered for a lemon law lawsuit. The number of repair attempts necessary to make a car eligible for a lemon law case varies. You must check with the local authorities or consult the best lemon law attorneys. 

If you have chosen an arbitrator, then he might offer a final repair chance to the dealership to fix the issue. There are chances that the dealership might find a way to resolve the problem once and for all, but this repair attempt is given before filing the lawsuit papers in court. 

Extended service contract

Many car owners for whom an extended service contract is an acceptable settlement. Suppose the auto manufacturer is ready to offer you an extended service contract beyond the standard period. In that case, this might cover the cost of anything else that might pop up beyond the current lemon issues. 

Remember, every lemon law lawsuit is different; therefore, you can never have rigid expectations in terms of outcomes after winning the case. A lemon law lawyer will analyze your case, understand your situation and then settle on the best possible outcome. 

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