The Meaning Of Judgement Card In Tarot Reading

Regarding matters of the heart, the Judgment card can hold much weight in a love reading. As one of the major arcana cards in the tarot deck, the Judgment card represents rebirth, renewal, and a new beginning. Its appearance in a love reading can signal a time of transformation and growth in your romantic life.

The Judgment tarot card often shows a figure rising from the dead with an angel blowing a trumpet in the background. This powerful imagery suggests that a profound awakening or spiritual reckoning is taking place. If used in the context of a love reading, this card could mean that it is time for you to reflect on past relationships, release any lingering emotional baggage, and make space for a new and more authentic connection.

However, the Judgment card can also warn that important decisions are on the horizon and that making choices that align with your deepest values and desires is crucial. So if you’re seeking guidance on matters of the heart, pay close attention to the appearance of the Judgment card in your love reading, as it may hold essential insights and messages for your romantic journey.

Description Of Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement tarot card features a large angel with outstretched wings hovering above a group of people who appear to be rising from their graves. The angel is blowing a trumpet, symbolizing awakening and spiritual transformation. In the foreground, two figures are depicted in a state of prayer, with their hands clasped together.

The people rising from their graves can be interpreted as a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. In the judgment card, they are standing before the angel with their arms open wide as if welcoming the transformation that is taking place. The card’s background is often bright, with clouds and blue sky, adding to the sense of spiritual awakening and renewal.

In some versions of the card, the angel holds a banner with a red cross, representing divine power and protection. The Judgement card is a powerful and evocative symbol of spiritual transformation and personal growth.

What does the Upright Judgement Tarot Card Represent?

In an upright position, the Judgement card symbolises spiritual awakening, renewal, and personal growth. It encourages the person to release any emotional baggage, let go of the past, and embrace a new phase of life with a greater sense of purpose and clarity. Here are some examples of what the upright Judgement card can mean in different areas of life:


The Upright Judgement card can indicate that a relationship is going through a period of transformation. The querent may be called to reflect on past experiences, release emotional baggage, and embrace a new, more authentic connection. The card also signals the potential for a unique and meaningful romantic relationship to enter the querent’s life.


In the context of money and career, the Upright Judgement card can signal a time of personal reflection and evaluation. It may indicate that someone should abandon old patterns and beliefs and embrace a more authentic version of themselves. This can lead to new opportunities and personal growth in their professional life.


The Upright Judgement card can also represent a time of renewal and rebirth in health. During tarot reading, the person who gets this card should look closer at their physical and emotional well-being and make important decisions to improve their health and well-being. This can involve releasing old habits and patterns that are no longer serving them and embracing new and healthier ways of living.

What does a Reversed Judgement Tarot Card Represent?

When the Judgement card appears reversed, it can indicate a blockage in the person’s spiritual growth and personal development. He/she may be experiencing self-doubt, fear of change, or resistance to personal growth. Here are some examples of what the reversed Judgement card can mean in different aspects:


In the context of love, the reversed Judgement card can indicate that someone is struggling to let go of past experiences and emotional baggage. This can lead to self-doubt and resistance to new relationships or experiences. The card may also signal a need to break free from unhealthy patterns and beliefs holding the person back from finding true love and connection.


As for the money and career meaning, the reversed Judgement card can indicate a lack of direction or purpose. The person may be experiencing resistance to change, which can lead to missed opportunities and stagnation in their professional life. It can also signal a need to release old beliefs and habits that no longer serve the querent’s personal or professional growth.


Regarding health, this card can signify a lack of personal growth and self-care. The person may be experiencing a fear of making important decisions that could improve their overall health and well-being. The card may also signal a necessity to make serious changes in daily life routines.

Most Common Judgement Card Combinations In Tarot

When the Judgement card appears in a tarot reading, its meaning can be amplified or modified by the presence of other cards. Here are some of the most common Judgement card combinations and what they can mean in a tarot reading:

  1. Judgment and The Sun: This combination can indicate a time of personal growth and transformation. The person may be experiencing a newfound sense of clarity and purpose and may experience future success in their personal or professional life.
  2. Judgment and The Tower: This combination can be challenging, as it often indicates a sudden and unexpected upheaval in the querent’s life. However, it can also signal a necessary transformation or awakening, ultimately leading to growth and renewal.
  3. Judgment and The Star: This combination can represent a time of hope and inspiration. The person may be experiencing a renewed sense of faith and optimism and may be poised for a new and more meaningful phase of life.
  4. Judgment and The Lovers: This combination can indicate a significant turning point in someone’s love life. The card may represent a new and more authentic romantic connection or signal a need to let go of past relationships and patterns that no longer function.
  5. Judgment and The World: This combination can be highly positive, representing completion and accomplishment. The person may be experiencing a sense of personal fulfilment and satisfaction and may be ready to move on to new and exciting opportunities in their personal or professional life.


Whether we’re seeking guidance on love, career, or health, the Judgement card can shed light on the paths we need to take. It reminds us that we can’t move forward if we’re still holding on to old patterns and beliefs and encourages us to step out of our comfort zones to experience the transformation we seek.

By combining the Judgement card with other tarot cards, we can gain deeper insights into the lessons we need to learn and the opportunities ahead. Each combination offers unique guidance for our challenges, whether experiencing sudden upheavals or a sense of stagnation.

So, when the Judgement card appears in your next tarot reading,  take a moment to reflect on what it represents for you. Embrace the wisdom it offers and take the steps necessary to release old patterns and beliefs, welcome new opportunities and growth, and live life to the fullest.

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