Pimpandhost Camkittys: Thousands Of Child Pornographic Photographs Are Shared On An Fbi-Run Website.

The FBI ran one of the biggest child pornography websites online for almost two weeks last year, allowing customers to download thousands of illegal photos and films from a federal server in the suburbs of Washington. At least three times in recent years, FBI agents have taken over a child pornographic website but left it online to track down users who, according to officials, would otherwise hide behind an encrypted and anonymous computer network. 

The operation’s specifics are largely unknown. With malware that breached that security in each instance, the FBI was able to identify hundreds of users. Keep reading to learn about more pimpandhost camkittys.

Child Pornographic Photographs Are Shared On An Fbi-Run Website.

In court documents, the Justice Department stated that the FBI ran the Playpen site from February 20 to March 4, 2015. The website at the time featured links to more than 23,000 sexually explicit photographs and videos of minors, as well as more than 9,000 files that users could download directly from the FBI, and it had over 215,000 registered users. A few pictures in court documents featured young youngsters who were almost old enough for kindergarten.

This strategy marks a dramatic change from previous government efforts to combat online child porn, in which agents were told not to let pictures of children being sexually assaulted go public. According to the Justice Department, such photographs injure children whenever they are viewed. Once they are no longer under the government’s authority, little can be done to stop them from being copied and recopied to other areas of the internet. Despite acknowledging these hazards, officials claimed they lacked another method for identifying those visiting the sites.

Legal challenges 

Legal challenges to the FBI hacking have been made repeatedly but without success. They generally focused on the search warrants investigators secured before they broke into the computer network.

However, they have also brought about a new kind of criticism. One of the men detained following the FBI operation claimed in a court document that “what the government did, in this case, is comparable to flooding a neighborhood with heroin in the hope of snatching an assortment of low-level drug users.” Colin Fieman, the defense attorney, requested that the child pornography allegations against his client, former middle school teacher Jay Michaud, be dropped by the federal judge. A federal judge is slated to hear arguments over that request on Friday.

Playpen was first discovered by federal officials not long after it went live in August 2014. The website was hidden on what is frequently referred to as the “dark web,” a region of the internet that can only be accessed by the general public using the Tor network software, which bounces users’ internet traffic between computers to make it largely untraceable.

In a court filing, the Justice Department stated that Playpen had expanded to become “the largest known child pornography hidden service in the world” by March last year, according to the FBI. In February, the website was taken down and covertly relocated to the FBI’s facility in Newington, Virginia, after agents tracked it to computer servers in North Carolina.

For 13 days, the FBI kept Playpen online. Federal prosecutors informed defense attorneys that the website contained more than 23,000 sexually graphic pictures and videos of kids at the time. According to Fieman, some were available for direct download from government systems, while others could be accessed via links to other obscure web pages.


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