Moun Afe Bon Tv: All You Need To Know About

Are you interested in knowing the information regarding moun afe bon tv. You arrived at the right place. This article will educate you on the current status of the popular channel moun afe bon tv. Here we will spotlight its views, subscribers, earning net worth, etc. All this information is available here in one place. Keep reading.

Introduction to Moun Afe Bon TV

Moun Afe Bon TV is a well-known YouTube channel that primarily focuses on news and politics in the French language. Moun afe bon tv Canada covers local and international news. This channel was established in November 2017 and has since uploaded an impressive 2.9k videos. With a dedicated following, Moun Afe Bon TV currently boasts 262k subscribers. 

Exploring Moun Afe Bon TV’s Impressive YouTube Channel Statistics

Here are the more in-depth statistics of moun afe bon tv live YouTube channel. 

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Lifetime statistics: views of moun afe bon tv today are almost 160,818,043, the subscribers are 262000, and the total number of videos uploaded since the existence of the channel is 2991. Moun afe bon tv jimmy shares nonstop news content for the French viewers. In comparison to last month’s analysis of this channel are mentioned below.

Last month’s statistics: moun afe bon tv news achieved 4,473,098 views and subscribers it got in the previous month are 6000, similarly 62 new videos were added to the channel in the previous last month. You can see an average of 2 videos were added per day in the last month. 

Statistical overview of moun afe bon tv youtube views

An almost linear increment graph of the lifetime views can be observed from Sept 2022 to Sept 2023. In Sept 2022 the views of moun afe bon tv youtube were 112M while in Sept 2023 it boosted to 158M. 

While the monthly graph of the views is zigzag it is not as smooth as the lifetime. The highest number of views achieved by moun afe bon tv youtube was in May 2023 which was almost 5M views. The lower views gained by the moun afe bon tv from Sept 2022 are the month of Dec which was 2.5M only. 

Moun afe bon tv live stream

Not only uploads videos but moun afe bon tv live stream also shares live streaming on its YouTube channel and thousands of its subscribers watch this. Currently, as I am writing this article, moun afe bon tv started broadcasting, and almost 3.7k people watching this moun afe bon tv live today.

Additional information regarding moun afe bon tv en direct

Some additional information you are looking for regarding moun afe bon tv en direct like are mentioned here.

Moun afe bon tv phone number 

By visiting their official YouTube channel you may find information such as moun afe bon tv telephone numberand their email address.  

Money that moun afe bon tv generates from YouTube

Based on the recent data from the Starstat website, Moun Afe Bon TV generates an average daily income of $1,613. This estimate extends to a weekly income of $11,325, a monthly income of $49,075, and an annual income of $588,900.

After performing these calculations, the Starstat website reports that Moun Afe Bon TV has an estimated net worth of $734,596.


In conclusion, Moun Afe Bon TV stands as a prominent YouTube channel, especially within the realm of French news and politics. With a dedicated following and a substantial video library of 2.9k uploads, it’s evident that Moun Afe Bon TV has successfully established its niche in the world of online news dissemination. The channel’s remarkable statistics, including 262k subscribers and over 160 million views, highlight its growing influence and impact, both locally in Canada and on the international stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Moun Afe Bon TV?

Moun Afe Bon TV is a popular YouTube channel known for its focus on news and politics in the French language.

  • When was Moun Afe Bon TV established?

Moun Afe Bon TV was established in November 2017.

  • What are the latest statistics for Moun Afe Bon TV?

As of the latest statistics, Moun Afe Bon TV has 262,000 subscribers and over 160 million views.

  • What is Moun Afe Bon TV’s estimated daily income from YouTube?

Based on recent data, Moun Afe Bon TV generates an estimated daily income of $1,613 from YouTube.

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