How to Get B2B Advertising Right on Facebook

Nailing your B2B Facebook ad campaigns with match rates of up to 90%? If you’re still trying to gain such results, here’s a short manual on obtaining higher-than-ever match rates for your next Facebook campaign.

While digital marketers typically expect B2B Facebook ads to perform at an average match rate of 50%, they have a good chance to reach 70-90%. And the key to that is expanding upon native targeting and enriching your B2B contact data for hyper-precise Facebook targeting.

But first, let’s look under the hood of native Facebook targeting settings.

How Does Facebook’s Advanced Matching Work?

When you’re launching a Facebook ad campaign, the platform determines who to serve your ads to based on “Advanced Matching” data points. These include:

  • Location. You can form an audience from citizens of a particular city, region, or country.
  • Demographics. This attribute cluster includes people’s names, date of birth, gender, occupation, job title, mobile advertiser, and app user IDs.
  • Interests. The platform defines them from the type of content people like and share.
  • Behavior. Facebook tracks such behavioral signals as browsing history, purchase activity, and preferred devices.
  • Connections. This option allows you to target ads for people that are friends with someone who has already engaged with your profile, ads, or products.

At first glance, this is an excellent start for perfect audience matching. However, the audience coverage in such cases can be fairly broad. So it doesn’t guarantee you’ll win highly qualified or even relevant B2B leads.

On the other hand, reaching professionals via Facebook is troublesome as they don’t use corporate emails and phone numbers while registering personal accounts. Therefore, you usually won’t hit a match rate higher than 25% with native Facebook targeting.

On the other hand, if you get a highly-specific targeted list that combines personal and B2B audience data, you can target the most valuable and relevant prospects in your campaign.

Enriching Your Leads with Extra Matching Data

Obviously, our prospects don’t designate their corporate emails and contacts while signing up for Facebook. So how should you build enriched audiences for your Facebook ads for a perfect matching?

That’s what B2B data enrichment tools are for.

How Does It Work?

B2B data enrichment tools build enhanced audience lists in three steps:

  1. They collect data lists with firmographic attributes from several sources.
  2. They reconcile additional attributes with corresponding records in first-party data (CRM-generated prospect lists).
  3. The tools then export enriched audience lists to Facebook Custom Audiences.

This way, you can get match rates much higher than 25%. And should you use a platform like Primer that goes beyond mere B2B data enrichment and allows you to build hyper-targeted audiences – based on hundreds of filters and utilizing data from 12+ data providers – your Facebook campaign can get an astounding match rate of 70–90%.

How to Choose the Best Data Enrichment Tool?

Data enrichment tools are truly an ace up the marketer’s sleeve when it comes to winning better lead conversion rates, especially if you need to reach mid- and bottom-funnel audiences via paid ads channels.

To make sure your B2B data enrichment tool provides everything that you need, find out whether they:

  • Source data from trusted and compliant third-party providers. Look for reputable services enlisted as official partners on their site.
  • Have professionals’ approval. If a product gets a big shout from B2B pros, it’s definitely worth trying.
  • Provide onboarding tours. This lowers the entry barrier and proves the company’s customer-centricity as well.
  • Integrate with the tech stack you use. You must be 100% sure that the enrichment platform works with your CRM.
  • Suit both inbound and outbound marketing goals. CSVs with enriched audiences would be invaluable for direct mail campaigns.

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