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House Restumping Needs: 5 Reasons You Need it Right Away

The majority of Australian homes have foundations made out of wooden stumps. This is mainly due to the climate changes that occur in the nation. Even though these wooden stumps hold onto the house strongly, there is a massive drawback. This particular drawback is that these wooden stumps will sag off with each year passing. Due to such reasons, you need to opt for restumping services. This is because restumping offers a much stronger foundation to your property and it will make sure that both the floors and the building are on the same level. The restumping work is pretty tough and you cannot it on your own. That’s why opting for professional house restumping solutions can surely help you.

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5 Reasons Why House Restumping is Essential

  • Putrid Stumps
  • Irregular Flooring Base
  • Misaligned Windows and Doors
  • Moistness Around the Foundation
  • Prominent Cracks on the Walls
  • To Conclude

House Restumping is Essential: What Are the Reasons Behind It?

Do you see any fissures or holes in your wall’s plaster? Or is your home’s floor a little irregular? If any of these obvious concerns are affecting you, you should consult with a professional. Unlike today, buildings built 30 to 40 years ago utilized timber stumps as foundations.

However, depending on a variety of conditions, these timber stumps can live anywhere from 15 years to 80 years. So, if you’re considering a home repair project, be sure your current stumps can endure the test of time. If your stumps aren’t up to standard, consider re-stumping as part of your home improvement project. This would not only help you save money, but it will also offer you a new foundation for your home.

In this particular post, you will learn what exactly re-stumping is and why it’s so crucial for all Australian homes. So, let’s dig in!

Restumping: A Brief Definition!

Restumping is the process of lifting up your property where the current stumps have been eliminated. They are then replaced with fresh working ones. You may quickly restore the height of the flooring with a restumping job. In modern times, stumps are generally composed of cement and have a long lifespan.

You should keep in mind that you might do the restumping process for the complete property or for just portions of it. However, we advise that you repair all of the stumps in one go. Also, during the activity, be sure to get assistance and direction from a restumping professional.

Reasons that Show Your House Requires Immediate Restumping

After 10 years to 12 years, the homeowners will surely start seeing all the issues taking place in the windows and doors of their homes. This is mainly because of the stumps that completely wears out and leads to problems, which are aligned with the flooring. That’s why you have to take restumping process carefully and also get to maintain your home’s integrity.

But what exactly are the reasons that show your property needs restumping? Here are some of the reasons:

Some of the reasons which show that your house requires restumping are as follows:

1.    Putrid Stumps

Homeowners can see that the stumps have eroded away and become ruined. As a result, you can conveniently conduct frequent examinations to detect early symptoms of deteriorating stumps. Be absolutely sure your re-stumping is completed before the condition develops.

2.    Irregular Flooring Base

A rotting stump may cause your floor to seem irregular and crooked. You will feel as though you are going uphill or downhill within your home. This is a clear indication that your roots have started to decay and that it is past time to get them re-stumped.

3.    Misaligned Windows and Doors

If you hear a screeching sound while closing or opening windows and doors for no apparent reason, it is caused by rotting stumps beneath your home.

4.    Moistness Around the Foundation

Severe rain and floodwater can build up surrounding your home at times. And if it continues for an extended period of time, the water slowly seeps into the earth and ultimately into the structure. This can ultimately cause severe damage to your stumps.

5.    Prominent Cracks on the Wall

The stumps are responsible for the different fractures that have emerged on the plasters of your walls. Broken stumps deteriorate and cause uneven distribution, causing harm to your property.

To Conclude

Even though restumping may appear to be a time-consuming process, it will pay off in the long term. So, if you have timber stumps embedded beneath your home, ensure they are replaced. This will allow your property to stand tall with all of its force.

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