Grey building costs are included in the total cost of constructing a house. To put it another way, an unfinished grey structure is a foundation that can later be finished with paints and other decorative elements. To create a basic grey building house, you’ll learn how much it costs and what resources are required. Buy a house in Blue World City.

We’ll cover everything from wall building to roofing to plastering to floor building for the grey structure. Finishing the job includes tile finish, woodwork, false ceilings, and interior and exterior finishing. Finishing costs are expected to be paid when the project is finished.

It’s not easy to start from scratch and build the house of your dreams. A thorough understanding of the mechanism, financing, and raw materials is essential to the project’s success. When you begin building your house, you may have several questions concerning expenditures.

It would be best if you didn’t worry about it, since we’ll give you an idea of the price of the primary building material. There is no shortage of materials used in the construction of the sculpture. We must keep in mind that we are discussing the average cost of a typical-sized house served at a typical price.


According to the data, most Pakistani houses are between 3 Marla and 7 Marla in size; this is the standard size for most Pakistani homes. House construction and plots in this category are significantly less expensive than in larger areas. As a result of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the value of a structure or property might change.

Be ready to adjust your pricing, if necessary, when preparing for a task. As soon as possible, estimate the project’s costs using the most current prices. The following is a list of standard building components.


Labor is a critical component of this strategy. It is impossible to estimate the labor effort accurately without understanding the labor costs. In Pakistan, the cost of labor is directly proportional to the size of the workplace. This signifies that the typical price is determined for a single square foot of work completed. Different construction methods have a significant impact on the price, for example, A or A+ categories per square foot, when building and labor expenses vary.

However, labor and construction costs per square foot are approximately PKR 350 and PKR 400. An average 350-square-foot house on a 900-square-foot plot can cost as much as PKR 315,000 to build with the help of a single laborer. The cost rises to PKR 3,150,000 for ten employees if they are all hired. The basement building’s work costs between Rs.310 and Rs.350 per square foot. Masonry work typically costs Rs.35/sq.ft. We charge Rs.25 per square foot of plasterwork. Per square foot, marble costs approximately Rs. 25/=.


For a 900 or 1000 square foot house, builders need between 50,000 and 60,000 bricks. A building’s structural integrity depends on the state of its bricks. For your well-being, you must select a high-quality home. Commercially accessible bricks come in a wide variety of shapes and qualities. You can get a brick for Rs. 12 at the outset. “Awal Brick” is also a common term for this type of brick in the local language. Estimated total costs are $60,000; 50,000 bricks will set you back $1.50 each.


Construction also relies heavily on sand, which is the primary ingredient. There are usually two types of sand used by developers. Sand Chenab and Sand Ravi are two of these. Both are priced differently. Chenab sand is removed from riverbeds and beaches along the shore by experts. Sand Chenab and Sand Ravi have trolley rates of Rs. 6,500 and Rs. 4,500, respectively.

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At an annual average of 23rs per cubic meter, developers need approximately 3200 cubic meters of gravel to construct an average house. Sixty thousand cubic feet of concrete are needed to build the grey structure. According to the estimate, for that price of $1,380,000, the total cost is also $1,380,00. PKR 35 per cubic meter for river Chenab sand is a result of its superior quality, according to experts. The overall cost of sand used for the project is based on this and the other specifications of the building.


The entire process of creating the grey structural border frame involves using a crush. Most of it is used in foundation construction and concrete mix manufacture. The Margalla Crush is preferred by builders and contractors in the twin cities because of its excellent quality. It is different for builders who prefer to employ the Sargodha crush, which has a lower exchange rate than the Margalla crush. An average household consumes between 800 and 1,000 cubic feet of water per day.

Margalla crush is usually used as a synonym for the corbel or linter in constructing a house’s roof. Concrete is an integral part of building and finishing materials and is frequently used to construct new homes by builders. Plasterwork is used on both the exterior of the building and the wall’s construction. The fees will vary based on the grade and the company’s pricing.


Steel is used in constructing the building’s greyish structure by the developers, through all stages of development, from the commencement of foundation design to its final floor. Steel prices fluctuate based on the state of the market and the factors that impact them.

There is a variety of quality available and in use on the market. Steel bars of superior grade must be used in the construction of the house for this reason. A builder would need between 2.5 and 3 metric tonnes of sarya steel for a typical house, at a price of PKR 128,000 per tonne; a tonne of sarya costs between PKR 320,000 and PKR 384,000. Read more about Nova City.

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