Games You Can Play on Zoom With Your Friends

It would not be wrong if I say that Zoom becomes one of the most used app around the world since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020. It is being used widely for taking classes, arranging organizational meetings, friends get together, and for having a virtual happy hour.

Hence, we want to add some more exciting things to your next meeting with your friends on zoom. What about adding some games in your spicy and hilarious conversations? You can make your group video calls more entertaining by incorporating these games.

Here is the list of some best games of our choice to play on zoom with your friends. Try out these games you too will surely love it.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is an amazing game to play traditionally and on zoom as well. You have to create a list of items first then challenge the members of the video call to find those items and show it. The person who first finds the item and show to everyone on the screen will earn the point.

Moreover, you can ask the winning member to share his/her story (if there is any) related to that object. For example, if the task is to show your favorite mug then you can ask him/her that why it is favorite, rather it is a gift from your loved one or is there any memory associated with it.

Hence, choose some interesting items in the list and enjoy the game and the stories of your friends.

  • Bingo Online

In the game ‘Bingo’, the most focused person will win. It is very advantageous for team building on a digital platform. It is a game of chance where whoever finds the number called out by the host and arrange the row first will win the game. The person has to call out ‘Bingo’ when he finishes the task.

The host will review and verify the card and announce the winner. A small gift for the participants will definitely encourage them more to play actively. Hence, decide a small gift such as a gift card, the members will love it.

  • Zoom Trivia Quiz

Playing a trivia quiz on zoom is both exciting and worthwhile to increase your knowledge. You can play this game in groups. You have to enlist the trivia questions earlier the meeting so that you do not have to think about the questions while playing the game.  In this game, the host will raise a trivia question for every group then whichever group first reply the correct answer will be given some points.

Then, the group with more answers that are correct and more points will obviously win the game. It is recommended to allocate a zoom breakout room for each group because it will make the task easier.

Here are some trivia questions to add in your list. 

  • Scattergories

Scattergories is an incredible party-game, usually played by two to six players. The game is derived from another game called ‘Categories’. It is a category-based game and help in the development of your creative thinking. Therefore, this game is recommended for every age group.

You can play the game on zoom easily. The rules of the game are very simple that you are given different categories (such as name of places, girl’s name, book titles) and an initial letter from which you have to make unique words for each category. Specific time duration of 60 seconds or one minute is given to you to think about the words. The person with more unique words for each category compared to others will get more points and wins the game.

  • Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a game focusing more on the audience. Two or more individuals can play this game in groups or individually. The game is about guessing a word written on the screens of your mobile phones by other players who are the audience. You have to place your phone on your head so that you cannot see the word. Other players or group will give you hints about the word and you have to guess it correctly within the allocated time.

There are many categories for the word such as places, persons, songs, movies etc. This is very interesting game to play with friends because the process of giving hints and guessing the word will be hilarious and joyful.

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