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Unilever, a multinational consumer goods company, is a household name that resonates with millions of people worldwide. While the company is renowned for its diverse portfolio of products, the iconic brands under the Unilever umbrella stand out. In this article, we’ll embark on a delightful journey through some of Unilever’s most well-loved brands, including calvé, calvé proef, andrelon, unilever food solutions, unox, knorr,

Calvé: A Taste of Excellence

Calvé, a brand cherished for its delectable sauces and condiments, has been a culinary staple in Dutch households for over a century. Established in 1883, Calvé has a rich heritage known for its high-quality mayonnaise, ketchup, and peanut butter. The brand’s commitment to using premium ingredients and maintaining consistent quality has made it a beloved choice for families and food enthusiasts.

Calvé Proef: Exploring Culinary Creativity

Calvé Proef, a sub-brand of Calvé, caters to those who crave culinary creativity. It offers a wide range of unique and flavorful sauces, dressings, and condiments designed to elevate everyday meals into gourmet experiences. Whether you’re looking for a zesty salad dressing or a smoky barbecue sauce, Calvé Proef encourages culinary exploration and innovation.

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Andrelon: Unleash Your Hair’s Full Potential

Andrelon, a leading hair care brand, has empowered individuals to embrace their hair’s full potential since 1940. With a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, Andrelon caters to various hair types and needs. The brand is known for its commitment to research and innovation, ensuring that customers can confidently achieve their hair goals.

Unilever Food Solutions: Partnering with Culinary Professionals

Unilever Food Solutions is Unilever’s answer to the needs of culinary professionals in the food service industry. From restaurants and hotels to catering businesses and cafeterias, Unilever Food Solutions provides many high-quality food products and services, including stocks, sauces, and culinary advice. It’s a trusted partner for chefs and food service operators worldwide, helping them create memorable dining experiences.

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Unox: Hearty Comfort in Every Bite

Unox has been synonymous with comforting, hearty soups and meats, warming hearts, and satisfying appetites for generations. From classic canned soups to delicious smoked sausages, Unox products offer a taste of home-cooked goodness. The brand’s commitment to quality and flavour has made it a go-to choice for quick and delicious meals.

Knorr: Elevating Culinary Creativity

Knorr, a global leader in flavour and seasoning solutions, has been enhancing the taste of meals since 1838. With a wide range of soups, sauces, and seasoning mixes, Knorr inspires home cooks and professional chefs alike to experiment with flavours and create unforgettable dishes. The brand’s focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing ensures that Knorr products taste good and do good for the planet.


Unilever’s portfolio of brands, including Calvé, Calvé Proef, Andrelon, Unilever Food Solutions, Unox, and Knorr, represents a diverse array of products that touch the lives of millions of people every day. These brands are not just about providing quality and convenience; they also embody Unilever’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. As these iconic brands continue to evolve and innovate, they remain integral to people’s culinary and personal care experiences worldwide.

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